2Pac Instagram Shares 1969 Letter By Afeni Shakur


2Pac Instagram Shares 1969 Letter By Afeni Shakur

The official 2Pac Instagram ran by the Estate shares a letter written by Afeni Shakur while incarcerated in 1969.

The letter written by Afeni Shakur was featured on the Black Panther Newspaper on Saturday June 7, 1969. Afeni a member of the Black Panther Party wrote the letter hoping to inspire and continue the fight for freedom.

“I am writing this note in hopes that it will inspire at least one of those paper Panthers to get out into the community and do the work of the people,” Afeni wrote. “During my incarceration, I have found tht there is a great need for the sisters and brothers to know the true meaning of “Power To The Power”.

In April of 1968, Afeni Shakur was arrested at her Harlem apartment in New York. Afeni was accused of conspiring with other Black Panther members to carry out bombings in New York.

2Pac Instagram Shares 1969 Letter By Afeni Shakur

Afeni choose to defend herself without any law degree to back her decision, but was eventually acquitted after spending two years in prison. During her time in prison, she was pregnant with Tupac Shakur.

“We will do whatever the people deem necessary to attain these basic needs. We will go to jail, we will be murdered, we will be prosecuted and most of all we will love for the people,” Afeni Shakur wrote in her letter.

Tupac’s music reflected these revolutionary roots instilled in him by his mother Afeni Shakur. As the world protests police brutality and racism, Tupac’s 1998 hit ‘Changes’ which addresses these same issues, has become the anthem.

Also shared on the Instagram post was the Black Panther Party 10-Point Program. Freedom, full employment, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace rounded up the 10-point program.

2Pac Instagram Shares 1969 Letter By Afeni Shakur


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