62-year-old woman claims 20-year-olds are hitting her Instagram up like it’s Tinder

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Sheila Kiss
Sheila Kiss

A seemingly ageless, 62-year-old woman from Birmingham, U.K., claims that men in their twenties have regularly reached out to her via Instagram as if her profile were a Tinder account, the Sun reports.

Sheila Kiss, a fitness buff, model and mother of three who now lives in Bali, Indonesia, has often been confused for being younger due to her youthful appearance and physique. The secret appears to be in her workout regimen, she revealed to the newspaper.

“I started my health and fitness lifestyle when I was about 30 after my second child,” Kiss said. “I resumed tennis again twice a week and also started aerobics. Aerobics was really popular in the ’80s and I could go five days a week, even with three children.”

At the age of 40, the mother joined a gym and started weightlifting in an effort to tone her body.

“I’ve never focused on weight and I don’t weigh myself but rather focus on tone, and I don’t consider a skinny body to be a healthy or a well-shaped body — I’d much rather have a sporty, well-toned look,” she explained.

Nine years later, Kiss decided to additionally take on Bikram yoga, which she practiced continuously for 13 years.

“Bikram is tough mentally and physically and really makes you lean,” she said. “It is one-and-a-half hours of yoga in 41-degrees heat.”

Though she hasn’t practiced yoga in the years since, Kiss said she still works out two hours a day and six days a week, all while maintaining a healthy diet.

Sheila Kiss <br>Credit: Call Me a Gypsy blog
Sheila Kiss
Credit: Call Me a Gypsy blog

“Basically, I don’t buy anything in a packet and all my food comes from the fresh produce section,” she said. “We eat out a lot in Bali, but I will still make healthy choices.”

As a result of her sprightly appearance, Kiss, who has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and models in Australia from time to time, said that she has frequently gotten stares from interested men.

“I laugh to myself as I am old enough to be their mother,” she said. “They totally confuse my Instagram page with Tinder — men who private message me would be from 20 to 70. I just hit delete.”

Still, the fitness buff has taken it all in stride, adding that she has also gotten compliments from women at her gym.

“They always say that I am such an inspiration to them, and I really love that … you just realize how important it is to keep strong, healthy and fit and how confident it can make you feel,” she said.

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