8 Best Instagram Presets For Pictures At Home & Getting Creative At Home


Getting creative at home is easier than you may think. It can start with a picture of your #outfitoftheday taken in your vintage-looking mirror, or a selfie with the colorful breakfast you just made. It can be as ~extra~ as you want it to be — meaning, you could pull out your digital camera and have a photo shoot with the flowers on your kitchen counter, or take a few simple pics of your latest clothing haul and apply some of the best Instagram presets for pictures at home to the well-lit ones.

It’s really up to you to tap into your artsy side and see where the flow of inspiration takes you. Will you find yourself spending an afternoon with your pup and capturing every little sprint they do across your backyard on film? Will you quickly angle your lens at your morning coffee, before grabbing your laptop and signing onto work for the day? Nobody knows yet, but you can best believe the right filter will make those moments as dreamy as the sky right after the sun sets.

Each preset when applied will mellow out the yellows in your walls, and make your raspberry-toned lipstick pop. They’ll brighten up your space, or give it a cozy atmosphere. You’ll want to keep being creative at home after working with them in Adobe Lightroom on your desktop or phone. Here are the eight best presets for your indoor pics to purchase RN.

1. Cara Jourdan Mobile Presets

First up, head to your backyard or driveway with your phone. Take pictures amongst the blooming flowers or sitting in the trunk of your car. Then, open up your Lightroom app and get to work with the Cara Jourdan Mobile Presets. With just one click, and maybe a few adjustments, they’ll bring depth and a ton of saturation into your photo. They’ll make your feed look like a work of art.

2. Elsa Collection 2.0 (Mobile)

If you aren’t already following Ellie Bullen on Instagram and using her presets, then you’re in for a real treat. There’s not another pack like her Elsa Collection 2.0 one on the market, that brings every photo to life and makes your space into a living version of a coffee table book. You’ll want to purchase them and then try them out on your smoothie bowls, floral baths, and pool selfies.

3. Aspyn Ovard Minimal Instagram Mobile Presets

Here’s the deal: You need Aspyn Ovard’s Minimal Instagram Mobile Presets. They come as a pack of three and will make any picture with your pup or pretty room look magical. They dim any yellow tones to give your photographs a beachy vibe, and will truly shine on your feed next to selfies or cute garden snaps.

4. Chloe Wen’s “Naturally” Preset

When you’re hanging out at home in a pair of sweatpants and watering your succulents, look no further than Chloe Wen’s “Naturally” preset. It’s designed to make your space look cool, calm, and collected, and will pair well with any other presets you may use. The best part? On cloudy days, it’ll brighten up your day and photos to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

5. TYFRENCH02 Preset Pack

When it comes to Ty French‘s presets, you can always expect your photo to turn into a film camera’s masterpiece. That’s no different with the TYFRENCH02 preset pack that’s extra vibrant, and filled with grain. The five different presets can be used within the desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom, and are worth messing with for an entire afternoon. Make sure you bring in some props before cueing the self-timer, OK?

6. Marie Fe And Jake Snow’s The Ultimate Mobile Pack

Odds are, if you’re searching for presets that work well with photos taken indoors, you’re not doing much traveling right now. That’s all well and good, because you can still make the most of Marie Fe and Jake Snow’s The Ultimate Mobile Pack. Use the 12 mobile and desktop presets in this pack when you want to illuminate your breakfast or make a chill Saturday afternoon feel like a spontaneous excursion. Your wanderlust will adore what you come up with.

7. Somewhere Devine’s Everyday Mobile Preset

Your go-to indoor preset can, and should, be this Everyday Mobile Preset created by the Devine family. If you’re in the market for a pre-curated aesthetic or a filter that’ll work well with pictures taken on your phone, this is for you. Buy it ASAP and watch your space flourish and bloom.

8. Matty Vogel’s World Presets vol. 01

Last but not least is Matty Vogel’s World Presets vol. 01. This photographer really knows the ins and outs of editing photos, and does most of the heavy lifting for you with these presets. Purchase them to see how they can spice up your kitchen on rainy days or make your neighborhood look like a dreamy city in a #lit music video.


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