Alyssa Milano trolled on Twitter for wearing crochet face mask

By Nick Givas

Actress Alyssa Milano was criticized Saturday on Twitter after sharing a picture of herself and her family wearing coronavirus face masks and encouraging others to do the same — but hers appeared to have holes in it, as it was crocheted.

Milano posted a photo of herself in a car with her husband and two children, who were all wearing facial coverings.

“Show me your masks! Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours! Ready? Go!” she tweeted.

Twitter users were quick to point out how Milano’s crocheted mask had holes in it and likely wasn’t doing anything at all.

“Your mask is exactly what this fence does to keep mosquitoes out,” one user wrote, along with a photo of a fence with many openings in it.

Others also posted photos bashing Milano’s choice of mask.

And social media personality Mark Dice posted a comment indicative of the backlash the actress received and wrote, “You should try this one on.”

After multiple Twitter users critiqued her, Milano replied saying there was a filter inside the mask.

“A–holes, mask has a carbon filter in it. So, yes, it might be crochet but totally safe,” Milano wrote. “Mask has a filter in it for f–k’s sake. A carbon one. My mom makes them. #WearAMask”

As of Saturday evening, there have been more than 1.6 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. and over 97,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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