Bay Area Rapper Big Mister’s Music Video Going Viral on YouTube

With over ONE MILLION views Big Mister is making a huge impact and growing a large following throughout the Bay Area. Big Mister, a rapper out of San Jose California has passed the 1 million view mark on YouTube for his song Northern Cali Ambitions, a remake of Tupac’s My Ambitions As a Rider.

In an interview with Big Mister, he stated he was inspired by the energy that Tupac’s track put out in the mid 90’s when he was 1st introduced to Tupac’s hit album All Eyes On Me. For him, the song never lost it’s energy and he always felt connected to it, so being in close contact with a music producer Filthy Fill of DND music, he decided one day to reach out and ask if he can remake the track. He got back to Big Mister telling him to check his email and when he heard the remake he was 100% satisfied and shocked. He was about to be a part of one of many remakes that he knew was going to be a hit. As he was in the middle of a non stop buzz on social media he wanted to make sure he didn’t waste the beat with just a normal rap song, so he did a lot of thinking about who he should ask to feature on it. He reached out to the biggest Mexican rapper out of the Bay Area known as Big Tone, surprisingly, he reached back and blessed him and agreed to write a 16 bar verse out of love of music and did it for no charge. Big Mister said it was a blessing. At this point Big Mister had to really think hard on the projects next move so what he did was put out a post letting his followers know about the beat and the feature with Big Tone. Big Mister asked his followers who else should he put on the track, and he stated there was over a 100 recommendations of local rapper’s but he decided to invite Benny Blanco on the track, a local rapper that he was in close contact with.

Big Mister knew whomever he put on the track it would help them get exposure as well. He wanted to make sure he blessed the right people. Although many artists were qualified to be on the track, the last artist he invited was the most interesting story about this song. He invited Kassandra Rose a rapper/singer out of san Jose who was not discovered yet. Originally Big Mister had another female artist in mind, unfortunately that person was one of the many rap artists out of the Bay Area who got a strong buzz on social media and let it get to their heads forgetting where they came from and that person ignored the messages he said he still went around and asked other people who could relay the message to her and they then replied with a price on a feature that was unreasonable. Obviously it didn’t work out, so he remembered his cousin Jessica mentioning her friend Kassandra Rose. He wanted to make a statement and bring out a young female artist from his same home town who he knew had potential to blow up if put on the right project. He said Kassandra Rose was happy and appreciated him inviting her on the track and she got to work immediately. He sent her the details of lyrics and the original track to vibe off with instructions which she read the instructions like a straight A student and she replied back, “I got you!”

Big mister said a week later she sent a rough draft of the chorus and he listened to it several times and thought it was really nice. Her voice was on beat but wasn’t going to fit with the feeling he was looking for so he said he had to think of a way to tell her without discouraging her because he knew she could do what he’s looking for. So he reached out to her telling her it’s tight but sounds too sweet like a Mariah Carey song and that’s not going to work for this track. Big Mister said she was a sport and did not get discouraged, in fact, it’s still an inside joke between them two. When she got it right it was off to be mixed and mastered. The song was mixed and mastered at Red Eye Recording Studios in San Jose, CA. where most of Big Mister’s vocals are also tracked at. Big Mister said he remembers sending her the finished track and how stoked she was to hear it upon completing the track they finished it off with a video done by Benny Blanco. The graphics for the single was done by Chris Anthony one of the best graphics designers in California. And with all of that Big Mister is off to his next big move in the music industry. His portrayal of music and video intertwined is up there with some of the greatest rap stars of all time and we look forward to hearing his next track soon!


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