Chrissy Teigen Calls Out ‘Rich’ And Thirsty Friends On Instagram

Written by BET Staff

Chrissy Teigen had time today to speak on exactly what is on her mind!

The celeb is tired of being asked for free merch by her “rich” friends who want her to send them goodies specifically from her Cravings cookware line. 

Like many influencers, Teigen took to self-promoting to get the word out about her delicious Cravings by Chrissy Teigen business, according to Refinery29 and has even sent out a few boxes overflowing with products to her celebrity friends.

Apparently some of the Lip Sync Battle host’s friends did not receive a box, and didn’t feel any kind of way about asking Chrissy for one either. In true Chrissy style, she has a special message for the lot of her wealthy friends. 

“Please don’t ask for a box,” she said in her Instagram story. “My marketing budget is not infinite but my love for you is. Also, I see some of you asking and you’re literally rich.” 

She later cleared up her comments in a follow-up video to further explain to her fans that they will have a chance to win boxes during giveaways and that the comment was not directed towards them.  

“That was honestly just meant for my friends that are literally writing, saying, ‘Uh, mine hasn’t gotten here yet? And that’s cause, uh, I didn’t send it to you.” She added, “I’ve got somebody driving around freaking Los Angeles doing this one at a time. What do you want from me? We’re tiny. We’re small, OK?”

Dully noted. 


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