Christine McGuinness Jokes of Getting Banned From TikTok After Posing in Jaw-Dropping Pink Lingerie

By Vinod DSouza

The gorgeous and stunning Christine McGuinness recently joined TikTok and shared several sultry videos of herself stripping down to hot lingerie and in her recent post, the blonde beauty raised the temperatures to a whole new level by posing in a plush pink bra flaunting ample cleavage and joked that the video-sharing app might find her content to be too hot and might end up banning her from the platform.

After creating a stir with her steamy pictures on Instagram, the leggy lass mimicked and danced on TikTok to a scene from Modern Family and Dirty Dancing’s Lover Boy as she stripped down to her pink lingerie seductively mesmerizing her followers.

She wore her blonde locks in glamorous waves and sported a bronzed tan with a full face of make-up and eyelashes as she grooved and sang, ”I don’t know. Did you do something to make me mad? Because then I am. But if you didn’t, then I am not.” She then stated, ”Jokes, all good I was just kidding about on TikTok. I best stop before I get banned again.”

Christine says the lockdown saved her marriage

Christine insisted that the lockdown period brought relief to her marriage and the two have bonded well since then. She joked she first assumed they might end up at each other’s throats when the quarantine period was announced, but stated that it’s all sailing well and the two have understood each other, after their marriage was in rocky waters from February 2018, where her husband had a secret night out with with the All Saints band frontwoman Nicole Appleton.

Speaking to Woman’s Own Magazine about her relationship with her husband, she said, ”I thought we’d be killing each other – that we’d be arguing and bickering – but we’re not. We’re both putting in 50/50, so there’s absolutely nothing for us to argue about. We’re just trying to have a good time and we’re laughing a lot!”.

The glamour model also declared they’re now stronger than ever, and appreciated the current crisis that forced them into ”the same boat for the first time in our lives”.


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