Coronavirus: Instagram move for Ruddington Village Market

Villagers missing their monthly market took it online with live pub tours, bouquet demonstrations and tips on cutting your own hair.

Ruddington Village Market, in Nottinghamshire, broadcast 10-minute demonstrations from nine businesses live on Instagram on Saturday.

Organiser Mark Pinks said the feedback had been “phenomenal” and he was planning another.

Business owner Cheryl Stretton said she was “proud of the village we live in”.

Ms Stretton, who runs Ruddy Fine Distillery, added the villagers were “amazing people” to support the “fabulous” event.

The market was hosted by Mr Pinks, who invited traders to join him on Instagram live for the slots between 12:00 and 14:30 BST.

“We were thinking what can we do to help market stalls and shops struggling with limited trading ability,” he said.

“A pub which moved to takeaway showed us the beer cellar and behind the bar, and a cafe deli demonstrated how to make scotch eggs.

“The audience got to see some of the friendly traders that we miss so much.”

Mr Pinks, who is part of the Ruddington Village Centre Partnership which organises the markets, added as it was a “great success” plans were under way to “do it again if the lockdown remains” on 6 June.

Alex Preston, owner of The Bottle Top in Ruddington which sells food, craft beer and spirits, said: “A lot of people are missing the market, and obviously it is affecting trade.

“It is about keeping the local economy going, supporting traders, and getting supplies out to local people.”

Jen Walker, who runs The Split Screen Coffee Company, said she “enjoyed taking part and loved watching everyone else”.

She demonstrated how to make coffee and did barista-style art during the virtual market.

Mr Pinks added it was a “great way” to promote independent businesses and their products, many of which were trading online or over the phone.

He said it was “interesting to see how things worked virtually” and for businesses not able to trade, it was about helping them “keep on the radar”.


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