‘Dating Around’ on Netflix: How to Follow the Season 2 Singles on Instagram

By Brett White @brettwhite

Dating Around cast

Photos: NETFLIX ; Illustration: Dillen Phelps

After almost a year and a half of waiting, viewers finally get a second date with the breezy and bingeable Netflix series Dating Around. Season 2 of the romantic reality show is now available to stream, and it really couldn’t have come at a better time. If you’ve been holed up in your home for months and desperately miss going on dates, eating at restaurants, or even just sitting across a table from another human being that’s not in your immediate family, then you’re gonna get into Dating Around Season 2.

But unlike other reality shows on Netflix that feature heightened situations like extreme bake-offs or highly-trained professionals like the Fab Five, Dating Around stars people like you and me—people of all ages, ethnicities, and orientations just out there in the world (in this case, New Orleans) looking for love. And since Dating Around is more of an anthology show, you might want to see more of a particular dater than their one episode allows. That’s where Instagram comes in!

Below you will find info on how to follow the six subjects of Season 2 on Instagram, as well as links to the six people they pick for their second date. There’s also a spoiler warning ahead of that info, just in case you aren’t ready to find out who they chose to see again!


Born and raised in New Orleans, Justin works in finance and tends to go for party girls. Now he’s on Dating Around to find a real connection. You can follow Justin on Instagram at @justinbigting.

SPOILER: Justin asks Ann out on a second date, even though their first date ended way earlier than the others. Ann loves dancing, and hates coming up with pick-up lines on dating apps. You can follow Ann on Instagram at @badnbowieee.

Are Justin and Ann still together? This info is hard to track down until one of them makes an official statement, but they’re at least friendly enough to follow each other on Instagram.2


Ben is definitely the nice guy of his friend group, and he’s coming out of a very long-term relationship. Can this college professor find love? More importantly, can he get used to dating? You can follow his journey on Instagram at @progresspian.

SPOILER: After some false starts, Ben gets a second date with Alex, a jazz musician who hosts a radio show. Are Ben and Alex still together? It’s hard to tell since Alex doesn’t appear to have an Instagram presence. Maybe Ben will spill the tea on his newly-active Insta?3


Deva moved to New Orleans from New York City to pursue her career as a musician—and she’s got a lot to live up to, because her father is blues musician Taj Mahal. You can follow Deva on Instagram at @devamahal.

SPOILER: In the end, Deva chose to go on a second date with New Orleans artist Maria. Definitely not a surprise, because these two really hit it off—Deva even knew about her art before their date! You can follow Maria on Instagram at @maria_sandhammer.

Are Deva and Maria still together? No word just yet, but they do follow each other on Instagram—and they like each other’s posts.4


Heather has a lot going on: she’s a tomboy, a professional makeup artist, pescatarian, and a big Peaky Blinders fan. You can follow her and see her makeup looks on Instagram at @hsalvaggio.

SPOILER: She ends up with the dapper Ernesto, who—like Heather—lives with his parents and also loves to travel. You can follow Ernesto on Instagram at @ernestoarmand0.

Are Heather and Ernesto still together? We don’t know for sure yet. They do follow each other on Instagram and they also comment on postsDating Around at least launched an enduring friendship—and maybe more?5


Brandon’s struggled to find the right guy, but he finds a few that come close in this episode. This kindergarten teacher is quick with a quip and is not a fan of cigarettes. You can follow Brandon on Instagram at @bbofnola.

SPOILER: After hitting it off with a few guys, he goes for creative director and plant dad Justin. You can follow Justin on Instagram at @justinmadethat—and see his new life in Austin, Texas.

Are Brandon and Justin still together? Did they continue dating after Justin moved to Austin? It doesn’t seem so, as Justin follows Brandon on Instagram—but Brandon doesn’t follow Justin. Justin also doesn’t seem to like Brandon’s photos on Insta, so it looks like things didn’t get too serious between the two.6


Originally from Manhattan, Demi is a Latina who loves board games and works in digital marketing. You can follow Demi on Instagram at @demdiaz.

SPOILER: For her second date, Demi chose Zach–you remember, the guy that gave her a fairly romantic salsa dancing lesson on the street. You can follow Zach on Instagram at @rockstarzach.

Are Demi and Zach still together? They do follow each other on Instagram, so that’s a good sign. But, and this is maybe more telling, they aren’t active on each other’s pages.


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