DJ Khaled Says ‘There’s No Summer Without a Khaled Anthem,’ Declares ‘I Am Summer’


DJ Khaled looks to be working on his next album and took to Instagram to remind his fans that he’s cooking up something special.

On Wednesday, Khaled posted a video on his Instagram hinting at his next project.

“Let me tell you something, I gotta get right, I got a big shoot coming up,” Khaled said in the video. “I ain’t getting a haircut or nothing until it’s time to film this shoot. I can’t wait. Remember, there’s no summer without a Khaled anthem. I am summer.”

Just a few hours later, he posted another image on Instagram, in which he hinted that he has a movie in the works. The image is a screenshot of a FaceTime call he had with Mark Wahlberg, with a caption that says he’s available for his next big film.

“Bless up @markwahlberg , @markwahlberg was checking on my availability for the next big film ? also checking in wit my famliy thank u ,” he wrote in the caption. “At this moment mark was telling his team KHALED said he’s available anytime for us . 
Luv always @markwahlberg bless up !”

Khaled is no stranger to the big screen. He recently made a cameo in Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s box office hit movie Bad Boys for Life.


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