Dr. Pimple Popper Just Struggled With A Blackhead That Was Too Big For Her Extractor In New Instagram Video


  • In Dr. Pimple Popper’s new Instagram video, she helps a patient with a stubborn blackhead.
  • This is one giant blackhead buried deep in the skin, but the doc is extra motivated to extract it and has volunteer assistants in the comments.
  • Dr. Pimple Popper uses a scalpel, comedone extractor tool, and fingers to clear out all the gunk.

Dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper, is hitting the ground running this Monday. She’s helping out one patient and motivating all her fans at the same time. She’s singing all about it in her latest Instagram video, too.

Dr. Pimple Popper captioned the new video: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new pop, and we’re feeling good!” Spoiler: All of her Popaholics are soon to be feeling good after watching the video.

Dr. Pimple Popper plunges right in, no hesitation. She starts with her comedone extractor tool. She presses and pushes, but alas nothing inside the blackhead budges. Her fans could see it coming from a mile away in the comments, “You really trying to use that comedone extractor when it very obviously was not gonna work.”

So, she tries some good ol’ fashioned squeezing. Dr. Pimple Popper makes a bit more progress with her fingers, but most of the blackhead is still stuck. The doc has to resort to her scalpel to release the remaining contents. She makes a tiny incision and gets right back to squeezing. Here’s hoping this works because she’s running through her tools at record speed. Another fan volunteered to help, “Tag me in coach!”

It does, and Dr. Pimple Popper pulls the whole blackhead out. Her patient, who has been distracting herself through the procedure, is so relieved. (Honestly same!) That was a nail-biter, but Dr. P bested the blackhead in the end.


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