Emily Ratajkowski appears fascinating and sets fire to Instagram

By Kaitlyn Kubrick

Emily Ratajkowski will sell you a dream … The attractive it girl on Instagram is appears in incendiary shots.

It looks like Emily Ratajkowski is going to rocket the temperature! Indeed, the pretty it girl appears sexier than ever on her Instagram story. As usual, Emily Ratajkowski therefore sets fire to her story IG.

It must be said that it connects devastating clichés, to the delight of its subscribers. Yes, the star of the podiums has more than 26 million followers on the counter .

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And as usual, her photos provoke a lot of reactions. Some remain speechless, while others marvel at the dream plastic of Emily Ratajkowski .

Never mind. Em Rata has therefore planned to keep up the pace, despite being partially confined to her home .

Emily Ratajkowski is therefore not cold in the eyes. For her, her body is not taboo, so she is not shy to display her slim figure and shapely buttocks .

To delight her subscribers, she types the pose all dressed, and drops the top! Evidenced by her latest Instagram story, on which incendiary photos abound .

Emily Ratajkowski takes advantage of the May sun during confinement. To the delight of her husband , but also of her fans who came to rinse their eyes on her profile!

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by husband

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