Everyone Wants To Know Who That Man Was In JLo’s Workout Instagram Shot


It was one of those ‘when you see it’ moments. When the world is fine, until you spot what is out of place

We are used to celebrities causing a stir on the internet. There is always a good supply of drama and controversy when it comes to lives of the rich and famous. However, very rarely do pictures pop up that scare and confuse us. Jennifer Lopez posted a picture of her post-workout, and it had an element that was terrifying. It was one of those ‘when you see it’ moments. When the world is fine, until you spot what is out of place, and your heart skips a beat.

The picture was innocent enough, and it showed her taking a selfie in a mirror after an intense workout. That wasn’t what confused fans. What confused everyone was the mysterious man in the background wearing a face mask. It took some a while to spot him, but once you did, you could not look away and it was kind of creepy. Did Jenny from the block have a creepy stalker in her house? Did we need to alert the police that something was wrong? Fans went crazy on the social media account.

One fan tweeted out that all comments about the man were getting deleted, and they were all just really confused. There was also confusion on whether the man was wearing a mash or if he was covering his mouth. According to Fox News, there is a reasonable explanation for the mystery man. A source close to Jennifer finally gave an explanation to the mystery man.

They said that the couple’s home gym is actually attached to their office space. When they hold a Zoom meeting, they project it onto a bigger screen. They said if you look closely, you can see Jennifer’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, in the frame as well. His arm, in a blue shirt, is in the frame. Alex was simply on a conference call with an associate at the same time this picture was taken. They also confirmed that the man was covering his mouth with his hand, and that he was not wearing a mask.

We are all thankful that we have an answer, and that the couple is not in danger from some creepy man. However, it doesn’t take away the eerie feeling this image gives people every time they look at it.


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