Everyone’s Losing It Over Massimo From ‘365 DNI’ – And We’ve Found His Instagram


Everyone's Losing It Over Massimo From '365 DNI' - And We've Found His Instagram

If you haven’t watch 365 DNIyet, it’s the steamy new Netflix film that people are saying makes Fifty Shades of Grey look PG.

The polish film  based on author Blanka Lipinska’s novel of the same name -is an erotic romantic drama following the rather, ahem, subversive relationship between Laura Biel and Massimo Torricelli.

And just like they did with Jamie Dornan, people are lusting hard over the lead actor Michele Morrone, who stars alongside Anna Maria Sieklucka.

Of course, it’s not hard to see why he’s an instant hit: he’s tall, he’s chiselled, he’s more than a little handsome.

(He’s controlling and a kidnapper, too – but we don’t talk about that part).

Massimo is everyone's new obsession (Credit: Netflix)

“I will no longer be entertaining any conversations about Christian Grey. This is a purely Massimo account now #365dni #365days,” one woman wrote on Twitter after watching the movie.

As another gushed: “Only took me 20 min to fall in love w Massimo”.

Quoting the film, another wrote: “Are you lost babygirl ??,” before adding: “Yes I’m lost…I’m very lost please find me massimo find me”. LOL.

But if you think your crush on the character Massimo is intense, wait until you take a look at actor Michele’s Instagram…

There’s one of him riding a horse, another of him wading through the sea.

And – seriously – we’ve never seen someone looking so hot blowing bubblegum.

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Listen.. . @raffaelecerracchio

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If that wasn’t enough, Michele isn’t just a pretty face. He also regularly posts videos of himself singing and playing guitar.

Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more obsessed!

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Fans of the actor will be happy to hear that he is currently believed to be single, after divorcing his wife Rouba Saadeh in 2018.

The pair have two children, Marcus, born in 2014, and Brando, born in 2017, who also feature on the doting dad’s page regularly.

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Ho messo al mondo due vite. #nothingelsematters

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The actor’s Instagram also reveals he used to sport a very different look, with long windswept hair which he often wore down.

Michele hasn’t rocked the locks since around 2018, but we’re feeling them tbh.

After his latest movie debut, we’re sure there are a lot of women queuing up to be wifey number two.

We’ll just leave you to have a leisurely scroll in your own time…

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