Finally, Some Joy: Someone Found Ben Affleck’s Secret Instagram

By Hunter Harris

First they came for Ben Affleck’s back tattoo and I said nothing, because I did not have a back tattoo. Then they came for Ben Affleck’s Raya, and I said nothing, because maybe it was a catfish. But now they’ve come for Ben Affleck’s finsta, and there is no one left to shitpost for me. In-the-know reporter Kelsey Weekman discovered Ben Affleck’s finsta on Thursday and shared it with the world. The finsta — which, olds, is a private Instagram account used to share photos and jokes with a select number of people — is called “positiveattitudehunting” which is another way of saying good will hunting. Like that one movie he co-wrote.

The account definitely seems like it belongs to the erstwhile Batman: The profile photo is a picture of a couple kissing (guess who does a lot of kissing, all the time and in public), the bio says “just a dad who sometimes makes movies” (guess who is a dad who sometimes makes movies, good and bad); linked in the bio is asterncongo.org (guess who founded that charity).

And, oh yeah, Ana de Armas and Jennifer Garner follow the account:

What secret pics is Ben Affleck hiding from us on this account? How many iced coffee pics, how many tattoos?! The world feels impossible right now; everything is hardAr-go relish in this little crumb of comic relief.


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