Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba Talk Motherhood in Quarantine, TikTok and More


In a new interview with E! News host Lilliana VazquezLA’s Finest stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba opened up about motherhood in quarantine.

While the actresses have earned a reputation as top-notch moms, the duo still admit they’ve been struggling for any semblance of peace and quiet.

“With your kids around, what is the one place in your home that you find solace and a sliver of quiet?” Vazquez asked.

“Not, don’t,” proclaimed Alba, the 39-year-old mother of three, laughing. “I can’t escape them. They find me in bathrooms, in bathtubs, in corners, I can’t hide from them.”

Luckily, Gabrielle Union said she does have a piece of heaven at home.

“For me, it’s the bathroom,” the 47-year-old mother said. “Thank god they respect the toilet. I go in there, I claim gastrointestinal issues. No one will ask follow-up questions about that. And then I milk it, sometimes for 20, 30, 45 minutes.”

“I can just play words with friends,” she continued. “I can just mindlessly scroll social media. But it just gives me a minute. I can go in the bathroom, lock the door and sit down.”

“Were you surprised by your daughter’s reaction?” Vazquez asked. “Or do you know your child?”

“No, I know my child,” Union explained. “It was more of, how long could she wait? She loves to eat. And she eats really anything. But she’d never had a fruit snack, so we had to come up with a different snack and she loves her Bitsy’s.”

“I was just curious, would she let me get around the corner?” Union continued. “Would it be as soon as I walked away? It was more surprising like her facial reactions. She ate, she grabbed a fistful and then turned around. When I came back in the frame, she was like, ‘Maybe you ate the Bitsy!’ She’s just pure comedy.”

Vazquez also asked Alba about her endeavor into the world of TikTok, where her account already has 4.8 million followers and 26 million likes.

“I got on it because my kids wanted me to,” Alba explained. “But after I got on it, they were like, ‘You’re kind of cringy. But all moms are.'”

Alba said she couldn’t believe her kids’ feedback.

“I’m like, ‘What! Why would you allow me to be cringy?'” she said laughing.

The Machete actress also detailed her newest calling, autonomous sensory meridian response.

“I actually have done ASMR because my eight-year-old is absolutely obsessed,” she said. “I launched a YouTube channel during this time and I did ASMR. And it’s their favorite thing in the whole entire world.”

You can watch the full interview with the two stars here.


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