Here’s how you can disconnect contact syncing and remove contact list on Instagram

In case your are struggling with discontinuing your contact list syncing on Instagram, then you have come to the right place for the solution.


  • Instagram is built with the aim to ease the user’s connectivity and communication.
  • You can connect with people on Instagram by syncing your account with your contact list.
  • In case you want to disconnect the syncing of contact list, then Instagram removes all the previously synced contact info.

Instagram has become one of those few social networking services that we don’t just use for photo or video sharing or posting. The app or the browser is helping us sustain our everyday communication, connectivity and creative needs. Now you must be wondering ‘how does Instagram suffice our creative needs?’

Instagram comes with so many in-built filters and effects for our pictures and videos. We can play along with our posts and stories by adding GIFs, stickers or trending hashtags. And all of this not only helps us get creative but also helps us find new people who share a similar interest like ours. For example, if you follow a particular hashtag on Instagram, you can view every person who has posted a picture with that hashtag and if you want, you can even follow them. These hashtags and stickers could also help stay updated about the activities of your current followers. For example, Instagram recently launched a stay-at-home sticker and then it created a different story for all the people in your following list that used this sticker. You could easily view all the stories as all of them were put together; so you didn’t have to indulge in the task of viewing each profile differently.

There are plenty of ways Instagram connects you with people; you can send them follower requests using mutual followers, you can search for their username and if your Instagram is synced with Facebook, then you can also follow the same people that you have friended on Facebook on Instagram. One another way to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues is by linking your Instagram account with your contact’s list. You can find your friends on Instagram if they have registered their mobile numbers with their Instagram handles. However, there are times when you no more want to keep your contacts synced with your Instagram. In that case, you can discontinue contact syncing and remove your contact list from InstagramHow to disconnect contact syncing and remove contact list on InstagramSTEP 1Visit your profile and tap the three-parallel lined icon on the top right hand cornerSTEP 2Click on Settings > Account > Contact SyncingSTEP 3Click on Connect Contacts and then tap Disconnect


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