How to filter out comments on Instagram? A step-by-step guide just for you!

If you are receiving any inappropriate or offensive comments on Instagram posts, stories or IGTV videos, then you can turn on comment filtering to avoid those comments.


  • Instagram prioritises security and privacy of its user by filtering out all the offensive and inappropriate content.
  • Instagram uses these security and privacy algorithms on posts, stories, videos, IGTV videos etc.
  • Instagram also provides you with the feature to manually filter out words or phrases or numbers that you wish to avoid on your uploads.

Are you Insta crazy? Well, if yes then we are sure that your activity on Instagram is top-notch and you are one of those who keep posting and sharing. However, in all of that, if you too have ever come across any hate comments or comments that are offensive, then you have come to the right place for a solution.

Instagram is a safe social networking service that prioritises its user’s privacy and security. Instagram algorithms filter out any content that is of inappropriate nature; whether it’s a post, a video, a story and sometimes even comments.

As per Instagram’s default setting, the system filters out any comments that are offensive or bullying in nature. However, if you still want to make certain changes to this feature either to make it more rigid and secure, you can do so by using the app and the browser. Using Instagram’s filtering out comment feature we can hide and avoid comments as per Instagram’s default keyboard or we can even set the filtering out manually by entering words, phrases etc that we personally wish to avoid. Default keyboard contains any words or phrases or emojis that have been commonly reported on Instagram. But before we get into the basics of filtering out the comments, keep these points in mind:

1. When you turn on the filtering, it gets applied to all your posts; new as well as the old ones. So if there are any offensive or inappropriate words, numbers, emojis, etc. in any of the comments on your old posts then those comments will also get hidden.

2. You can restore the comments on your posts if you turn off the comment filtering.


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