Influencer shows off the reality of Instagram photos

By Michael Hollan | Fox News

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You can’t trust everything you see on the Internet.

An influencer from Amsterdam is showing off how camera angles and good lighting can significantly alter how good (or bad) someone looks in a photo. Based on the number of followers she has, it seems that social media appreciates the honesty.

Rianne Meijer has been posting the images to her Instagram account, which has about 678,000 followers. While her account includes a variety of images, including shots from her daily life and even some conventionally posed photos, she regularly includes photos that reveal the truth behind glamor shots.

Many of her photos are actually composites of two photos, placed next to each other. One will show a photo that would normally appear on a typical influencer’s page. These shots are well lit and have perfect angles.

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When he’s watching vs when he’s not watching ??

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Next to that image, however, the camera is slightly altered and Meijer has adjusted her pose, showing just how dramatic a difference that can make.

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Sooooo, left or right??

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While she’s getting attention for her work now, she’s been doing it since at least 2019. At that time, she said she wanted to show that photos from influencers aren’t ever really real, MSN reports.

According to the news outlet, she also said that she’s found her voice through this project and that she’s building a community around a positive message.


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