Instagram Model Caroline O’Mahony Shows Off Her Booty In Quarantine Workout Videos

Brandon Bombay

 model Caroline O’Mahony showed fans several at-home exercises they can in her latest Instagram post. She wore tight workout shorts that showcased her curvy backside while performing the exercises outside.

The 22-year-old has been providing fitness and diet tips to her followers during the coronavirus pandemic, and her latest upload gave instructions on a legs and abs workout that could be done anywhere. O’Mahony did the exercises outside on a step. She kept her long brown hair in a ponytail, and wore orange workout shorts that tightly hugged her curves along with a tight black top.

In the first of five clips, the social media influencer was filmed from the side as she held a dumbbell close to her chest and put her left leg up on a step. O’Mahony slowly lowered her body down and performed several squats. Each time she bent down fans were offered a view of her athletic booty and sculpted calves. The next video had her in a push-up position with her hands on the step. O’Mahony kept switching which hand supported her weight and would touch her opposite shoulder with the free hand. She swiveled her bottom side-to-side with each motion.

The YouTube star grabbed two dumbbells for her third exercise. O’Mahony held the weights up to her shoulders as she did squats. Each repetition accentuated her shapely derriere. In the fourth clip, the model went back to a push-up position on the step, but this time she raised the opposite arm forward as she re-positioned her weight and lifted one of her legs. O’Mahony was joined by her dog, Oscar, in the final video. She sat down on the ground and lifted her legs side-to-side over a dumbbell which was sitting upright in front of her. The model added instructions for the exercises in the caption for her post.

Many of O’Mahony’s 670,000 Instagram followers appreciated the tips, and the post earned over 13,000 likes in just over two hours after going live. There were more than 100 comments as fans flooded her replies with peach and fire emoji. She received compliments on her outfit and gratitude for sharing the at-home workout.

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“Killer session for sure,” a female fan wrote while adding a weight-lifting emoji.

“Perfect training girl!” another commented.

“Love this color on you,” one follower replied.

“Yesss, love those shorts,” a fan added.

As covered by The Inquisitr, O’Mahony shared another home workout post earlier this month. These exercises targeted the lower body. Those clips had over 25,000 likes.

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