Instagram Model Raquel Benetti Shakes Her Booty On A Soccer Field With Friends For Latest Post

Brandon Bombay

 model Raquel Benetti shook her backside in her latest video upload. She was joined by two friends on a soccer field and they performed a choreographed dance that ended with the trio shaking their booties in unison.

The 29-year-old is renowned for her skills with a soccer ball, and similar to several posts this week, she was filmed on a soccer field for her newest clip. Benetti was joined by two friends, Naty Potira and Camila Boas, to perform a synchronized TikTok-style dance routine. Their location was tagged at the Ponte Preta soccer school in Benetti’s hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The three women stood on a field with what appeared to be fake grass and had a soccer net directly behind them. Potira was in the front while Benetti and Boas were behind her. Benetti – who has been dubbed “The Muse of the Freestylers” – rocked a lime-green sports bra and a white athletic skirt with a black waistband. Potira wore a pink Nike sports bra with tight black shorts, while Boas had on a floral-print sports bra and a turquoise skirt.

At the beginning of the video, the three women bent over and pointed directly at the lens. Then they pumped their left arms together and performed a sideways wave motion. Each maneuver was performed with only the left arm, and the trio tapped their own shoulders before turning their bodies to the side. The dancers put their hands on their thighs and stuck their backsides out and shook them along to the music. As per Google Translator, Benetti’s caption mentioned partying because it’s Friday, and she included a party favor and soccer ball emoji along with tagging her two friends.

Many of her 1.2 million Instagram followers flocked to the vid, and over 25,000 of them showed their approval by slapping the “like” button in just over four hours after it went live. Benetti received over 130 comments in that short time. Her replies were littered with heart and fire emoji. Several fans praised the dancing trio as they found the routine slightly comical and sexy.

“Funny, cool,” a fan wrote along with a series of emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Benetti flaunted her fit figure in a photo taken on a different soccer field earlier this week. She knelt on the grass wearing a tight white top that was open in the middle to expose her cleavage, plus a small pair of pink athletic shorts and matching shoes. That post garnered more than 33,000 likes and nearly 200 comments.

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