Jeffree Star Receives Backlash Over “Cremated” Makeup Line During Coronavirus Pandemic


Words are powerful… even when it comes to makeup names.

Now more than ever, people are turning to beauty as a way to practice self-care and lift their spirits. Considering the Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped our world, many are de-stressing and pampering themselves with luxurious moisturizers, delightful fragrances and more. 

However, there’s one makeup item that has people upset… and for good reason.

On Friday, Jeffree Star teased his upcoming launch, which is titled the Cremated collection.

Shortly after the reveal, many expressed their upset over the makeup line’s name. Many claimed it’s especially insensitive and offensive in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has caused an overwhelming amount of deaths.

One Instagram user commented on Trendmood’s post (who shared the sneak peek early), “This seems kinda tacky considering the rise of deaths around the world related to the pandemic… Don’t come for me!”

Another replied, “Whoa. This theme doesn’t seem like very good timing..” With someone else chiming in, “All things considered… The name of this palette is tone deaf.”

Not long after Trendmood’s post, the YouTube star shared his makeup collection on his personal accounts. Others directly commented on his posts to share their disappointment over the Cremated line.

“My grandma had to be cremated after she died from Covid. This seems like bad timing for such a product,” a Twitter user responded.

Another person expressed the same sentiment. “Um wtf people are being CREMATED because the mortuaries have run out of space. Bad timing. This could have waited until thousands aren’t dying daily.smfh.”

While some of Star’s fans pointed out that he trademarked the Cremated name back in September 2019, others argued that he could have postponed the launch date to a later time.

“Doesn’t matter that he made it months before, it’s the fact he’s bringing it out now.. he could of brought it out at a different date,” one person noted.

Another added, “The timing is badddd. I love jeffree but the timing is bad considering 1) not a lot of ppl can buy or afford makeup 2) it’s called cremated, regardless of when the name was created the name is in bad taste and poorly timed.”

The Cremated name aside, many were also left feeling underwhelmed by the eyeshadow palette’s shade range.

“I thought he gonna make a dark goth palette not ashy,” one user commented under Trendmood’s post on Saturday, which showed the palette. “Such poor taste and really boring color story,” another said.

“Was hoping it would at least be like, a variation of super dark colors and jewel tones,” another added. “It’s just a cool toned palette? we’ve all seen that before.”

Summing up the collection, one person shared, “I guess he really nailed the theme because this is going to have anyone tan or deeper looking funeral ready.”

At this time, Jeffree has yet to address the backlash.


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