Jeffree Star releases response video to ‘My Cremated Palette’ backlash

By Charmaine Vega

YouTube makeup mogul Jeffree Star is unfazed after receiving backlash for his new makeup palette. He released a new video to explain the backstory of the “Bloodlust” collection successor.

The fuss on YouTuber Jeffree Star’s new product all started with the name collection. He called it “My Cremate Palette” as it features monochromatic shades of gray and black.

It also comes with mortality and funeral-related references with the eyeshadow names such as “Grave Digger,” “The Morgue,” “Hearse” and “Casket Ready.”

It would have been like any other monochromatic makeup palette. But it sparked controversy for its death-themed imagery and shade names. And now people can’t get over it.

Not the right timing

According to reports, several followers and makeup junkies turned to social media to express their dismay over Star’s new product.

Many felt that it was gravely insensitive for Star to promote and release a death-themed product during a pandemic wherein thousands of people have died.

And to add to that, all COVID-19 deceased patients are cremated straight away to stop the spread. This led some people to share their stories of loved ones being cremated due to the virus infection.

One Twitter user addressed the controversy by sharing how his aunt fought for weeks in the ICU after contracting the virus.

“She will be buried the day this palette launches. I’m allowed to have my “feelings” about how tone-deaf this is,” @KJBennettBeauty wrote.

Another one said: “@JeffreeStar my great grandmother died of possible covid and there was no choice but to cremate her. we didn’t have a funeral, therefore, we didn’t get to say goodbye. I hope your tasteless palette makes you lots of money though!!!”

Star’s response

As expected, the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics released a response video on his YouTube channel.

With more than 3 million views already, he defended the “My Cremate Palette” by informing everyone first that it takes months and even years to complete a product.

He had already started working on the palette since last year and was even due for release last April.

But he delayed it already and if he pushes it back even further, consumers might receive expired makeup. Star is also preparing to release a summer collection. That’s why he is determined to release the monochrome before launching a new one.

Moreover, he mentioned that he created it to “make people smile” and it was in no way created to be offensive ever. To him, his brand is an art and nothing ever comes from a negative place in his life.

He also shares his own personal experience with cremation. “On a real level, my own father was cremated, my two dogs that passed away last year were cremated,” Star says.

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