Jennifer Aniston Mourns The‘Unacceptable’ Loss Of Breonna Taylor: ‘ItBreaks My Heart’

Erin Silvia

Jennifer Aniston posted a bittersweet video of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police in her own home in Mar., and captioned it with a message that encouraged her fans to help in the fight for justice.

Jennifer Aniston, 51, is showing her support for Breonna Taylor and bringing awareness to her tragic story. The actress shared a video clip of the late African American EMT, who was shot and killed by police in Louisville, KY on March 13 while sleeping in her bed during a raid at her home, and in it, she is happily lip syncing with her sister while sharing laughs. She added a touching caption to the clip along with what she called “America’s To Do List” which featured a call of action to get justice for Breonna’s heartbreaking death.

“This is a video of #BreonnaTaylor and her little sister just living their lives. Breonna is one of many Black people in America who have been senselessly killed by police officers,” Jennifer’s message began. “The officers who broke into her house while she was sleeping and shot her eight times, STILL have not been arrested. It’s unacceptable and it breaks my heart. ? While we mourn with her family and the rest of the country, please #SayHerName… Make noise, make phone calls, and demand justice.”

Jennifer’s “America’s To Do List” included the names of some politicians in Louisville such as Mayor Greg Fischer and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron as well as the phone numbers they can be reached at. She also suggested actions to take like calling them and demanding the police officers involved in Breonna’s shooting be “fired” and “charged” with her murder. “America has A LOT of work to do – so I made a to-do list,” Jennifer continued her caption. “Swipe, and share it, tweet it, scream it, sing it, print it out, send it to your friends. Whatever you can do. Let’s get going ✔️? More in my bio ??”

Breonna Taylor Memorial

Although the FBI is currently investigating the shooting that took Breonna’s life, the officers have not yet been fired or charged. News of her death came around the same time as George Floyd‘s tragic death, which also happened at the hands of police, and it’s prompted thousands of people to protest around the world to seek out racial justice. The Black Live Matter movement has been put back in the spotlight over the past several weeks and is proving to make a difference. 

On June 11, as a direct result of Breonna’s death, a ban on no-knock search warrants, which is what allowed police officers to enter Breonna’s apartment without knocking, was passed in Louisville. The new ban is appropriately called “Breonna’s Law” and the metro city council of Louisville unanimously voted to pass it.

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