Kate Middleton and Prince William Change Their Instagram Name for First Time in 5 Years


Looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton are making some subtle changes to their Instagram and Twitter accounts, starting with their literal name. Royal fans noticed that while the display names for their accounts used to be “Kensington Palace” they now read “the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

This is obviously a much more personal touch, and fans are very much here for it, with comments ranging from “finally they’ve really been doing phenomenal on social media!!” and “Yes love this! I feel like they’re both taking more interest in SM lately too, the private snippets like George’s Mother’s Day card suggest they’re taking an active role in the content and I’m here for it.”

According to The Daily Mail, this is the first time the couple have changed their Instagram name in five years. A few weeks ago, they also switched up their profile photo, opting for a recent picture of their entire family clapping for essential workers.

Kate and William have been more more present on social media in recent weeks thanks to posting Zoom calls with various organizations they work withand engaging more directly with their followers. It’s been nice to see a less ~official~ perspective on their public work, and clearly they’re leaning into the positive response from fans with these subtle changes.


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