Kayla Itsines Shared 5 Intense Plyo Moves, but Don’t Worry — They’re Not All in 1 Workout!


Plyometric moves (plyo for short) are jumping exercises that get your heart rate up, strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and bone health, and add intensity to make your workouts more exciting. In a recent Instagram post, BBG and Sweat App creator Kayla Itsines shared these plyo moves you can do at home.

Kayla said in her caption, “Plyometric (plyo) workouts use explosive movements that help increase your strength and speed and get your heart rate up. No matter what your goals are, plyo workouts can be incorporated into your fitness routine.” Here are the five plyo moves she shared, and noted, “I wouldn’t use all of these in one circuit! I would ADD some of these moves into my workouts!” She added that you can, but “you’re going to be very tired.”

  1. Burpee and tuck jump: 10 reps
  2. Clap push-up: 10 reps
  3. Reverse lunge and hop: 20 reps (10 per side)
  4. Jump squat: 10 reps
  5. Broad jump: 10 reps

These moves are advanced, so make modifications as you need. If these explosive plyo moves seem too hard, try these plyo moves.


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