Kylie Jenner’s first Instagram posts are unbelievably normal: ‘Life before the billion dollars’

Morgan Greenwald

Stars: They’re just like us. Okay, not really, but back when Instagram was just a few years old, they definitely used it like us.

Case in point: If you scroll all the way down to Kylie Jenner’s first Instagram posts, you’ll see that she, too, once fell victim to the duck face selfie and sepia filter crazes.

Thankfully, you don’t have to actually waste any time scrolling all the way down to the bottom of Kylie’s Instagram, because TikTok user Rosie — who goes by srosie_15 on the app — did it for you

In her video montage, which has more than 871,000 likes, Rosie highlights some of Kylie’s first posts, ranging from a classic selfie to a low-quality photo of a pile of Fruit Roll-Ups.

Given how put-together Kylie’s Instagram is now, people were shocked by the model’s old photos.

“Glad to know she was like us at one point lol,” one person said.

“I was like… who is that???! But then realized it was still Kylie,” another user said.

“Life before the billion dollars,” a third person commented.

Check out Rosie’s TikTok page for more videos of celebrities’ first Instagram posts.


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