Lili Reinhart supports LBGTQ + On Instagram

By Daniel Kucher

In the story of her Instagram account, Lili Reinhart supports LGBTQ +. The Riverdale actress appears in full demonstration!

As LGBTQ + violence continues to escalate, Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart shows her support for the cause in her Instagram account story.

Drop the mask. Reveal his biggest secret. Lili Reinhart must take courage with both hands. You would have understood it ; the pretty girl is tired of hiding.

After three years of relationship with Cole Sprouse – who are now separated, the young woman decides to confess. Honesty, there is nothing better.

Three little words can change his life forever. But too bad. The actress of the Riverdale series feels the need to confide in Internet users.

Here it is, it’s simple: “Although I never announced it before, I am a bisexual and proud woman. And I will join the protests today. Come join us. ”

Indeed, Lili Reinhart finally comes out of silence. So, she takes advantage of announcing her presence at an LGBTQ + demonstration to come out on Instagram.


While internet users are furious about his relationship with Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart nails them out. However, that does not mean that his bisexuality is the reason for his breakup.

Anyway, the pretty blonde is finally relieved to have dropped the mask. Besides, the actress is no longer hiding it at all!

As proof, Lili Reinhart takes part in LGBTQ + events with great pride. You just have to see the story from your Instagram account to realize it!

Indeed, the interpreter of Betty Cooper reveals several videos. Sitting in the grass, the young woman films the speech of a spokesperson for the cause.

Thus, the latter proves its support for the LGBTQ + cause. Besides, the pretty blonde intends to make a public commitment to defend her body and soul.

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