Long Instagram Post Glitch for Photos Fixed: Here’s How It Worked

If you’ve been on Instagram today, you might see people taking advantage of a new glitch that lets them post really long Instagram photos. Here’s how the glitch worked and why you’re seeing photos that scroll endlessly on your Instagram feed. Unfortunately, it appears that the glitch was fixed and you’re not going to be able to create your own long photo at this time.

The glitch allowed people to post really long photos to Instagram — photos that appear to scroll forever. Unfortunately, the glitch appears to have now been fixed. Heavy tried creating the glitch and got an error message that read: “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” Others get a server error message or a message telling them that they need a better connection.

The glitch was only spotted on iOS and Android seemed to continue to work just fine, The Verge reported. To get the glitch and post your own long photo, you simply had to create your own very long image, open Instagram, and pick the photo through the app. The app was temporarily not cropping the photos and allowing people to post long pictures. However, if your photo was too long, then it wouldn’t work or it would show up black. Others appeared pixelated.

Some people were able to access the glitch by putting any image into a resizing program like simpleimageresizer.com, making it 30×600 or smaller, and then posting it, one Redditor shared. They could also create the glitch by changing the size of a photo in Photoshop to be 30×600 pixels. Others said it’s easier to just search for super long photos and use one that you find. Others used the “Do You Love the Colour of the Sky” photo and uploaded that long photo.

Unfortunately, none of the methods used to access the glitch appear to work anymore. The glitch has seemingly been fixed and people are getting server errors when they try to post long images and join in on the fun. Others are just seeing a black photo when they try to upload a long photo and access the glitch.

Some people are pretty annoyed that Instagram fixed the glitch so quickly. One person wrote on Reddit: “So you’re telling me Insta is willing to patch this harmless glitch that’s funny and fun to mess with, but WON’T patch mine AND my friend’s DM’s breaking just because we leave a groupchat, and they won’t delete a post with obvious porn or gore, and they won’t give every account new features at the same time, but THIS gets patched almost immediately? Why are the serious issues not being fixed but the small things that are fun to mess with are?”

Here’s what the long photos look like:

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