Look at the photo of Karol G and Rihanna that paralyzed Instagram!

By Jenni Smith

Karol G managed to cause a great uproar among his followers Instagram to share a photo next to the famous singer Rihanna in honor of his 15 years in the music industry. An image that turned out to be a surprise in the platform.

Remember that Karol G has managed to be placed as one of the popular singers of today, where one of their best successes has been its single “Tusa”, which was among the first positions in different music charts around the world.

On the other hand Rihanna is also considered as one of the most popular artists within the last few years, not only for his great musical talent but for being the amazing entrepreneur in the line of lingerie.

Look at the picture of Karol G … and Rihanna

And with the occasion of celebrating the 15 years of the musical career of Rihanna, the reguetonera shared a stunning black and white photo next to it, however the thing that most caught the attention of this image was not only the scene of the singers together, but all the work that is behind this photo.

And we speak in a literal way, since this image is of a excellent work in photoshop done by Karol G; which not only surprised her more than 30 million followers, but to their colleagues in the industry.

“The envious will say that is photoshop”

Was the phrase with which the reguetonera accompanied this image, along with Rihanna, making reference to the work that was done on this photo in the editing program, and by the way he was magnificent.

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