Love Island star Charlie Brake deletes Twitter account after being labelled racist for tweet supporting Donald Trump

ByJJ Anisiobi

Love Island star Charlie Brake has deleted his Twitter account after being called a racist for a tweet he sent out.

The 25 year old millionaire provoked anger after retweeting and commenting on an inflammatory tweet from Donald Trump which was referring to Americans rioting in the wake of George Floyd being killed by a police officer.

Self-proclaimed billionaire originally tweeted: “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen.”

Trump went on to suggest that anybody looting would be shot by law officials, writing: “Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

The tweet, which was widely condemned, was then shared by Charlie as he commented: “Moral of the story… don’t loot or thieve. SIMPLE.”

Following Charlie’s controversial opinion hundreds of Twitter users slammed his tweet and labelled him a racist.

British rapper Fredo said: “It will be real life when I see u racist p***y”, while another user said: “Lol why did @charlie_brake delete his tweet? If you’re going to chat nonsense say it with your chest! We all see you hun. #racist”.

A third added: “Why is the rich white kid trying to talk on issues with black people that he has no idea about? smh”.

As the criticism towards the Love Islander continued Charlie deleted his Twitter account but later posted an explanation for his actions on Instagram.

He wrote: “About my post yesterday. It was absolutely not my intention to cause offence. Straight off, I want to say I am sorry and I did not understand the full picture of an incredibly serious situation.

“I don’t think my ignorance should be an excuse and I don’t want to make excuses. This is an apology.”

Charlie, whose family’s business Brakes, a food distribution company formed by his grandfather, was sold for £400million, continued: “I am probably the epitome of white privilege.

“I can’t change the world I was born in to but I can show & offer my full support.

“My every sympathy goes out to George Floyd’s family and every other family impacted by racial injustice.”

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