post a selfie on Instagram to show his abs.

By James Reno

The diva of 51 years of age, continues to amaze his fans with his physical dream. Jennifer Lopez has demonstrated her strengths to her fans with a selfie of her abs on Instagram.

A photo of Jennifer Lopez created the controversy in Instagram
The singer, 51-year-old recently posted a photo on the social network Instagram. However, some of your fans doesn’t mince his words to describe the picture of the fake. Some agree even to say that the photo was adopted for the software Photoshop.

You should know that the photo was in his killer abs. Knowing that the actress already had a physical dream for several years. To defend herself, she reveals their secrets to the fans to have a dream body.

The body of Jennifer Lopez Photoshopé or not ?
Despite the claim of critics, Jennifer Lopez does not let go. In fact, she said that their photos were not faked with software. According to the star, 51 years of age, has managed to sculpt your body thanks to the gym sessions intense.

The singer has also responded with humour to their opponents engage in the practice of sport and observe the result, after some time. For the fans, the uncertainty is set taking into account the age of the actress, soon to be 51 years old on the 24 of July.

In addition, the fans remember the history of J. Lo in the practice of cosmetic surgery.

Why Jennifer Lopez has a rich career ?

For the actress, nothing is ever won without hard work and effort. It shows, also, his character winner thanks to his many talents. In fact, it is known to be :

  • The singer
  • The actress
  • Dancer
  • A business woman

Jennifer Lopez in the heart of the success

The career of Jennifer Lopez continues to shine in several areas. Here are some of the secrets of their success.

Jennifer Lopez addicted to sports

Jennifer Lopez is a fighter. As well, it grows every time you to your limits. The actress shows his character managed to preserve its physical dream at the age of 51 years, thanks to sports.

According to the singer, she became addicted to this sport. The dance has also helped to sculpt your body. In fact, you should know that she is in the pole dance for some time. This demonstrates your ability to learn new things to stay on top of your career.

Jennifer Lopez defends a noble cause

Despite her success, she continues to advocate for various causes that are close to your heart. More recently, she has shared information about the case of George Floyd to his fans. The actress also proposes to vote as the solution to eradicate racism in the united States.

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