Salma Hayek causes a furor on Instagram with a natural photo

By Kaitlyn Kubrick

As she has been accustoming her fans on Instagram during this quarantine, this time, Salma Hayek once again showed her wonderful natural face to everyone, without a drop of makeup. In addition, she made it clear that she does not have a defined angle for the poses, since anyone is worthy of a photo, since its beauty is not defined from any shot, showing that it is unique and wonderful, since not everyone can look so good under those conditions.

In her profile, the Mexican actress has more than 14 million followers, who do not hesitate to flatter all her beauty, this time, from a plummeting plane, that is, from below, revealing her beautiful face perfectly. At 53 years old, she can still look enviable, and that is that on more than one occasion she has confessed to being tired of the many accusations of having carried out cosmetic touches to maintain herself, therefore, she lives proving that everything is natural.

The renowned and talented Hollywood personality has always been a defender of personal self-esteem, and the acceptance of her physique no matter what, and has tirelessly denied using botox or having undergone surgery to modify any imperfection in it. just look at the images she constantly posts on her profile, where without any trace of makeup or photoshop, she looks amazing on camera.

The image titled with the motivational phrase, “Everything is possible and the limit is heaven. Dream. Have a good week,” shocked the followers of Salma Hayek , who immediately began to leave their comments on the postcard. More than 150 thousand likes received the image. Thus, she returns to honor the famous video where she spoke about makeup and specified that she was not a fan of it, confessing that the best moments of her day were when she did not pay attention to how she looked, nor if she had made up or not.

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“My favorite days are the days when you are not wearing makeup and you are not in the mirror because you are not thinking how you look. You are present and you are doing your thing and this is the best thing about not wearing makeup, when you are just living life and it’s not your priority. ” The star of the movie “They are like children” confessed .

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