Selena Gomez superseded by Kylie Jenner on Instagram!

By Kim Lee

Amazing ! The great and talented Selena Gomez was stealing the spotlight on Instagram by Kylie Jenner !

Kylie Jenner continues to climb up the ladder on Instagram ! She was even able to take the place of Selena Gomez ! MCE TV you tells everything in detail !

Since a few weeks, Kylie Jenner continues of hit on social networks. It is so popular that it has exceeded his own sister, Kim Kardashian on Instagram.

You will have it so understood, it is now the Kardashian is the most followed on the platform. But not only that ! Kylie Jenner has a thirst for popularity !

So much so that it does not exceed more only the members of his own family … But also the great international stars !

Well, yes ! It has recently taken the place of Selena Gomez. If you follow well, she became the fourth person most followed on the social network.

And yet ! For a long time, Selena Gomez has ruled such a goddess on Instagram. It has been the person most followed on the app.

How to Kylie as she took the place of Selena Gomez ?

But, over time, other celebrities have managed to take that title. This is the case of Christiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande.. Or even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Now, Kylie Jenner has more subscribers than her. The singer, who has To 178.3 subscribers, however, remains in the top 5.

Only here, how the mother of Stormi she managed to win over de followers than Selena Gomez ? All the more that this week, she has soiled her reputation after having “lied” on his wealth. Forbes magazine has removed its title as the youngest billionaire.

But one thing is for sure ! This change in classification is definitely due to the fact that the interpreter of Feel Me the application uses more sporadically.

She even took a few breaks on his account Instagram. And she doesn’t post much. While its competitor has published constantly on social networks.


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