So he replied to Kevin Durant to Rihanna on Instagram by joke about his positive diagnosis of coronavirus | People | Entertainment

By Jenni Smith

Kevin Durant, the world-known as one of the great players of the NBA and the singer Rihanna had a lot of fun to their fans in a Live Instagram to exchange comments and jokes for the positive diagnosis of Covid-19 of the leading american.

The pop star joined the live session, DJ Spade on Saturday night and joked about that Durant had coronavirus, among the comments, both characters said: “Is it allowed that Kevin Durant is in this transmission? Should I use a mask for this streaming?”, asked the singer, to which the player of the Brooklyn Nets, he replied: “hey, did you not just return from Europe?”

The response of the two-time NBA champion was typically quick as they headed to Rihanna as “Robyn”, the real name of the pop star, with what Durant acknowledged that his cough sounded “Rona-ish”, but warned Rihanna that I could have contracted the virus in Europe without showing any symptoms, since the virus is “stalked” in the Atlantic since December.

The joke of Rihanna seems to have not been to the liking of the fans of Kevin, or of the other members of the Brooklyn Nets who had also tested positive in the test, since the singer did not first sent a greeting of improvement for Durant and only alluded to that if it was to be a máscarilla for that transmission.

After the response of Kevin on Instagram, the nine-time Grammy winner replied that he had returned to the united States for at least two months.

Drake also chimed in with a joke and posted a comment that said: “We have to bury the jokes about the Crown of Treyfive (Kevin Durant)”, but neither Rihanna nor the basket player got alluded to your comment. The fun flirtation between the artist and the athlete is no stranger to those who follow the characters of the show, as the eaves of the Nets takes years to launching indirect amorous relationship to Rihanna.

KevinDurant is one of 13 players or members of the team in the NBA that have tested positive for coronavirus, since the center of the Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert, became the first player to give positive COVID-19 on march 11.

The team-mate of Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, and the eaves of the Detroit Pistons, Christian Wood, were also positive. Two weeks ago, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Denver Nuggets announced that members of their organizations had given a positive COVID-19, but none of the teams confirmed if any of their players was affected. The same day, it was also confirmed that two players of The los Angeles Lakers and the guard of the Boston Celtics, Marcus Smart, tested positive for the virus. (E)

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