“Sour Candy” With BLACKPINK, “Rain On Me” With Ariana Grande, “Shallow” With Bradley Cooper Ranked As Lady Gaga’s Top YouTube Songs During “Chromatica” Release

Lady Gaga received over 150 million views, according to preliminary numbers.

by Brian Cantor

Lady Gaga – Chromatica audio cover | Interscope/YouTube

In conjunction with release week for Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica,” the artist enjoyed another big week on YouTube.

According to preliminary data for the May 29-June 4 tracking week, Gaga amassed approximately 157 million global streams across official uploads and select user-generated content. Her most supportive cities included Bangkok (4.03 million views), Jakarta (2.24 million views), and Quezon City (1.73 million views).

“Sour Candy,” her new collaboration with BLACKPINK, unsurprisingly led the way. YouTube credits the collaboration with 47.8 million views.

“Rain On Me,” her duet with Ariana Grande, also fared well. It registered 28.4 million views during the tracking period, taking #2 among Gaga tracks for the week.

Eyes were not, however, strictly on songs from “Chromatica.” The artist’s #3 performer was “Shallow (with Bradley Cooper),” the focus of 8.13 million views.

“Bad Romance,” an even earlier hit, took #4 with 6.32 million.

Lead “Chromatica” single “Stupid Love” earned #5 with 5.24 million, while early hit “Poker Face” grabbed #6 with 4.5 million.

“Sine From Above (with Elton John),” a “Chromatica” track, followed at #7 with 3.46 million views. “A Star Is Born” standout “I’ll Never Love Again (with Bradley Cooper)” earned #8 with 3.3 million. “Chromatica” tracks “Alice” (3.16 million) and “911” (3.08 million) followed at #9 and #10, respectively.

Her next-highest ranking songs were as follows:

11) Chromatica I – 2.67 million (Chromatica)
12) Always Remember Us This Way – 2.38 million
13) Telephone featuring Beyonce – 2.31 million
14) Babylon – 2.23 million (Chromatica)
15) Free Woman – 2.05 million (Chromatica)
16) Alejandro – 1.92 million
17) Plastic Doll – 1.83 million (Chromatica)
18) Fun Tonight – 1.82 million (Chromatica)
19) Enigma – 1.73 million (Chromatica)
20) Replay – 1.71 million (Chromatica)

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