Twitch Streamer Gets Banned and Blames It on Alinity NSFW

Twitch streamer Fedmyster gets banned for showing nude content in a stream, but he says that it’s all because of Alinity.

Jasmine Henry @jasminetwts

Twitch is facing backlash for their inconsistent bans.
  • Twitch streamer Fedmyster gets suspended from the site but blames it on Alinity’s NSFW mistake.
  • Alinity was banned from the site last month after an accidental nip slip while playing Just Dance.
  • Some have suggested that this shows that Twitch’s new nudity policy isn’t working.

Fans of Twitch streamer Fedmyster were shocked this week when he tweeted that he’d been suspended from the site. His Fedmyster2 account, a secondary account to his main Fedmyster, was suspended for three days for “sharing content featuring nudity.”

The streamer said that the ban was because he’d been on Twitter when someone posted a photo of Alinity’s bare nipples from her NSFW accident last week.

Fedmyster’s Ban Sparks Outrage

Fans were furious about the ban and began to tweet the Twitch Support account, asking for the site to review it. Many didn’t understand why Fedmyster had been suspended for longer than Alinity.

Alinity did decide to self-impose a three-day suspension. However, officially, she’d only been suspended from Twitch for 24 hours.

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Twitch Makes It Right In The End

This story has a positive turn as just hours later, Fedmyster confirmed that Twitch had reversed its decision. “Twitch has gone ahead and unbanned me,” tweeted the streamer, and this allowed him to stream from all of his accounts again.

While some fans were unhappy with how Twitch reacted, it does show that their new nudity policy is working. The policy will look at things closely, not just banning anyone for showing the smallest bit of skin. The quick reversal of Fedmyster’s ban means that while Twitch may not always get it right, it’s getting much better at fixing things.


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