Instagram Model Viktoria Varga Flaunts Her Fit Booty In A Thong Bikini On The Beach

Brandon Bombay

Viktoria Varga attends an event at Milan Fashion Week

 Viktoria Varga put her jaw-dropping figure on display in a beach photo for her latest Instagram update. For the post, she was photographed on the sand in a thong bikini that gave viewers a glimpse of her backside.

Similar to other recent posts, the Hungarian tagged her location at the Summersalt Beach Club at the Jumeirah Al Naseem hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she has been spending time amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Varga was shot on a gorgeous beach, and in the background the sky was a multitude of colors during sunset. The model stood on the sand and the leaf of a palm tree could be seen to the right.

Varga wore her long blond hair up in a ponytail and had her back to the camera for the serene snap. She held her arms in the air with her hands making a “rock on” sign, and it appeared as if she were walking into the sunset. The fashion designer had her right foot forward and her left foot back which helped accentuate her derriere.

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the best time of the day ?

A post shared by VIKTORIA VARGA (@vikyvarga) on

The 28-year-old rocked a polka dot bikini, and the small straps of the top that tied in the back were visible. Her side-string thong bottoms were eye-catching, as they embellished her athletic booty and toned legs. Varga’s slender frame was silhouetted against the beautiful backdrop. She added a caption that mentioned this being her favorite time to be out. In the comment section, Varga added several hashtags including “#dubailife” and “#sunset.”

Many of the model’s 467,000 Instagram followers noticed the summery snap, and more than 8,200 of them showed their approval by slapping the “like” button in just over 10 hours after the post went live. Varga’s replies were riddled with different colored heart and heart-eye emoji. The model – who is famously dating Italian soccer pro Graziano Pelle – received a flood of comments in Italian. Fans complimented her physique and the stunning setting.

“Wow, amazing view and amazing girl,” one follower wrote while adding several heart-eye emoji.

“The best girl in the world!” another fan responded.

“BEAUTY and the BEACH = @vikyvarga,” an Instagram user commented.

“My best time of the day is to see your post,” one fan replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Varga scintillated fans earlier in the week with two steamy pics in lace lingerie. According to her caption, she used a self-timer to capture the spicy photos in the beige and tan-colored outfit. That upload earned more than 9,800 likes from her fan base.

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Rise and shine✨morning self timer shoot.?

A post shared by VIKTORIA VARGA (@vikyvarga) on

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Model Anok Yai Addresses Fashion Editor Carine Roitfeld’s ‘Insensitive’ Instagram Photo

By Kaitlyn Frey 

Anok Yai, Carine Roitfeld

Supermodel Anok Yai is speaking out after CR Fashion Book founder Carine Roitfeld received backlash and apologized for posting a tone deaf Instagram photo alongside Yai in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minnesota law enforcement.

As millions of Americans voiced their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and vowed to stand in solidarity with the Black community, Roitfeld, 65, posted a photo hugging Yai, 22, with the caption “Miss you.” Fashion industry watchdog Instagram account Diet Prada also reported that the editor replied to a comment on the post writing, “Anok is not a black woman, she is my friend.”

Roitfeld’s post has since been deleted, along with a public apology shared on Instagram. And now Yai is sharing her own insight on the situation.

In a candid essay written for O, The Oprah Magazine titled, “Anok Yai Says Black Models Shouldn’t Have to Educate the Fashion Industry About Racism,” the model opens up about Roitfeld’s “insensitive” and “jarring” remark.

“A lot of people have asked what my reaction was to an insensitive post from a friend of mine on Instagram last week,” Yai wrote. “Of course, it was jarring — and it was just one of many similar microaggressions I’ve experienced during my time in fashion. But the bigger point I’d like to focus on is thatthe fashion industry needs to become educated…and fast.”

carine roitfeld

Yai continued by explaining that many people in the industry expect Black individuals to educate them about Black history, racial injustice and microaggressions. But that shouldn’t be the case.

“Educate yourself and come prepared. It’s your job. The world is changing right before our very eyes, and we won’t be tolerant of intolerance any longer,” she said.

Yai, an Egyptian-born fashion model of South Sudanese decent, grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire, and made history in 2018 when she became the first black model to open a Prada show in 20 years. (Before Yai, Naomi Campbell opened the runway in 1997.) At the time she called it an “honor” and a moment “bigger” than herself.

Image 5

Roitfeld issued a lengthy apology on her Instagram after posting the photo with Yai and said she understands how it caused “further pain and hurt” in the Black community.

“I am learning from this experience and will continue to use my platform and voice to create opportunities for change,” Roitfeld said. “Anok you are a beautiful, strong and talented Black woman and I meant absolutely no harm. I only meant to send a message of support to you and your family. I vow to continue to focus my efforts and stand up to these injustices to support and further create opportunities that amplify the black community and their voices in the fight against systemic racism.”

“Please know that I have read all of your comments and I hear you,” she continued. “I made a grave error and ask not to be judged by my words, but by my actions now and going forward.”

Yai commented on Roitfeld’s apology Instagram post with a prayer hand and two heart emojis.

Roitfeld also gave a statement to PEOPLE. “I was devastated by my misjudgment and the comments, but completely understand my mistake and why it was inappropriate,” she said. “I apologized personally to Anok and then afterwards to the world on social media. I learned a lot from the comments and they will help me to keep fighting for opportunities to support the Black community, both immediately in fashion and our greater world moving forward.”

The statement continued: “As a mother, grandmother, sister and fashion editor, I have been proud of my efforts in celebrating the beauty and importance of Black voices through past shows, covers, campaigns and stories, but I now realize that’s not enough. I am taking this experience very personally and thinking of more meaningful ways I can further support and create opportunities to amplify the Black community and their voices in the fight against systemic oppression, racism and police brutality. The fashion world is fueled by the creativity and culture of the Black community and credit needs to be given where it has always been deserved. I have platforms I can use for this and it must be done. I hope that people can judge me by my actions and not my words. My language was wrong, but my heart knows what is right.”


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Instagram Model Raquel Benetti Shakes Her Booty On A Soccer Field With Friends For Latest Post

Brandon Bombay

 model Raquel Benetti shook her backside in her latest video upload. She was joined by two friends on a soccer field and they performed a choreographed dance that ended with the trio shaking their booties in unison.

The 29-year-old is renowned for her skills with a soccer ball, and similar to several posts this week, she was filmed on a soccer field for her newest clip. Benetti was joined by two friends, Naty Potira and Camila Boas, to perform a synchronized TikTok-style dance routine. Their location was tagged at the Ponte Preta soccer school in Benetti’s hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The three women stood on a field with what appeared to be fake grass and had a soccer net directly behind them. Potira was in the front while Benetti and Boas were behind her. Benetti – who has been dubbed “The Muse of the Freestylers” – rocked a lime-green sports bra and a white athletic skirt with a black waistband. Potira wore a pink Nike sports bra with tight black shorts, while Boas had on a floral-print sports bra and a turquoise skirt.

At the beginning of the video, the three women bent over and pointed directly at the lens. Then they pumped their left arms together and performed a sideways wave motion. Each maneuver was performed with only the left arm, and the trio tapped their own shoulders before turning their bodies to the side. The dancers put their hands on their thighs and stuck their backsides out and shook them along to the music. As per Google Translator, Benetti’s caption mentioned partying because it’s Friday, and she included a party favor and soccer ball emoji along with tagging her two friends.

Many of her 1.2 million Instagram followers flocked to the vid, and over 25,000 of them showed their approval by slapping the “like” button in just over four hours after it went live. Benetti received over 130 comments in that short time. Her replies were littered with heart and fire emoji. Several fans praised the dancing trio as they found the routine slightly comical and sexy.

“Funny, cool,” a fan wrote along with a series of emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Benetti flaunted her fit figure in a photo taken on a different soccer field earlier this week. She knelt on the grass wearing a tight white top that was open in the middle to expose her cleavage, plus a small pair of pink athletic shorts and matching shoes. That post garnered more than 33,000 likes and nearly 200 comments.

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Tahlia Skaines Showcases Toned Body In New Instagram Snap

By Alisan Duran

Tahlia Skaines gave her 526,000 Instagram followers something to talk about on Monday, June 1, when she shared a smoking hot update. The 22-year-old model looked incredibly stunning in a new scanty Lounge Underwear set, which flaunted her killer curves.

In the update, Tahlia slipped into a black bra-and-panty combo, made of sheer and lace fabric. The bra boasted a deep neckline that exposed her decolletage. The underwire that provided support pushed her breast up, which showcased a generous amount of cleavage. The signature Lounge logo was printed all-over the center gore and the wings.

The pair of undies Tahlia sported boasted high leg cuts that helped accentuate her slender hips. The low-cut waistband highlighted her flat tummy and chiseled abs. Like the bra, the bottom were made of the same material. The sides were lace, and the front was sheer — which contained the brand’s logo.

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actually in bed watching the vampire diaries, wbu?

A post shared by TAHLIA SKAINES (@tahliaskaines) on

Tahlia took a snap of her insane figure in what seemed like her dressing room. Although the racy snapshot did not reveal her face, it featured a nice view of her upper thighs up until her shoulders. She seemingly stood in front of a nearby window with her legs apart. She popped her left hip to the side and took the selfie. The bright sunlight illuminated her flawlessly, tanned complexion.

The idea of the snap was to show her followers the new underwear set from Lounge Underwear. In the caption, she shared with her fans that liked the pieces so much that she’ll wear them many times this week. She also made sure to tag the company’s Instagram page in both the post and the photo.

The new share proved to be a hit with Tahlia’s online admirers. As of this writing, the post has received more than 5,200 likes and upward of 80 comments. Many of her fans and followers took to the comments section to shower her with compliments. Many raved about her enviable physique and bronzed skin. Others decided to express their thoughts on the photo by simply dropping a string of emoji.

“I can see that you have been working out. Your abs look even deeper, and your whole body is on fire,” one of her fans commented.

“Omg! You look so good! Your abs are so defined, and your skin is flawless. Thanks for another great post!!!” gushed another admirer.

“You are seriously incredible. Maybe you can share your routine videos? I am a fan!!!” wrote a third social media user, adding three flame emoji at the end of the comment.

“My girl, you are something else. I can’t even describe my feelings in words. I am just so amazed,” added a fourth follower.

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Instagram Model Sophia Diamond Shows Off Her Athletic Figure And Insane Flexibility

Brandon Bombay

 star Sophia Diamond showed off her athletic figure while putting her insane flexibility on display in her latest video. She struck several jaw-dropping poses in a grassy field while wearing a tube top and tiny white shorts.

The social media influencer has showcased her flexible body in popular TikTok posts in the past, and exhibited those same skills for this upload. In the short clip she was recorded in a serene-looking field that was surrounded by lush greenery. She wore her long golden blond hair down and wavy for the clip. Diamond rocked a small shadow-colored tube top that wrapped around her assets, and a pair of white gym shorts that fit snug around her backside. The model wore white knee pads and a pair of white sneakers with butterflies on the side to complete the ensemble.

For the first pose, Diamond was filmed from the side as she performed a split with her right leg forward and her left leg in the back. The model slowly arched her torso back and nearly touched her head to her back foot. Fans were treated to a glimpse of her toned legs as she completed the maneuver. Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle” played over the clip.

The Canadian model did a cartwheel-handstand flip for the second move and then laid down in the grass on her side. Diamond pulled her left leg up and held it with both hands behind her head for an impressive third pose. After that, she did a handstand while doing the splits. The social media star performed several elegant dance moves to complete the video. In her caption she complained about the heat, which left her somewhat restricted while filming, and asked if her fans were flexible.

Many of her 1.2 million followers responded to the tranquil video, and more than 83,000 of them found their way to the “like” button. Diamond’s post received over 850 comments, as her replies were flooded with heart-eye and purple heart emoji. Fans expressed how impressed they were with her flexibility and physique.

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Glowing✨ How have you guys been this quarantine???

A post shared by Soap?? (@sophiadiamond) on

“Body goals,” a follower commented.

“Impressive! I could never do this,” a fan wrote while adding a cry-laughing emoji.

“A flexible queen,” another added.

“You about to be real itchy from laying in that grass,” one follower joked.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week Diamond modeled in a tight-fitting grey top and skirt while soaking up some sun. She left a message for her haters in the caption, and the post garnered more than 140,000 likes.

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Lauren Drain Rocks A Denim Crop Top For Latest Instagram Update

By Ava Bennet

“The World’s Hottest Nurse” Lauren Drain thrilled her 3.8 million Instagram followers with her latest snap, in which she held her daughter while also flaunting her fit physique. Lauren included the geotag of Quarantine 2020 on the post, suggesting that the picture was taken at her home.

Lauren posed outdoors in front of a wall covered in greenery, providing the perfect backdrop to her sweet shot. She rocked a unique denim crop top that showcased her physique to perfection. The top featured a low-cut neckline that revealed just a hint of cleavage, and had sculpted cups paired with some boning-like detailing to accentuate her slim waist. The top had a lace-up detail on the front, and the strings hung down her chiselled stomach.

The top had thin straps that stretched over her shoulders, as well as puffed off-the-shoulder sleeves for an unusual look. She paired the denim crop top with what looked like high-waisted denim shorts, although the photo was cropped so that not all of the bottoms were visible in the shot, and just a sliver of her toned thighs could be spotted.

Lauren’s blond locks were styled in a casual look, and she held her daughter as she posed for the snap. With one hand, she offered her daughter’s body support as she positioned her by her side, and with the other, she gently held her hand.

Lauren flashed a smile at the camera, and her beauty look accentuated her natural features. Her skin looked flawless, and she had what appeared to be a soft pink hue on her lips. She also had her eye makeup done in a smoky style that gave the look a sultry vibe.

Lauren paired the stunning snap with a caption that confessed the difficulties of getting back into her modelling post-baby, and her fans loved the intimate post. It racked up over 21,400 likes within 12 hours, and also received 219 comments in the same time span from her eager fans.

“You look SOO good,” one fan commented.

“She already know how to pose with the smile,” another follower said, referring to Lauren’s daughter Aria.

“You’re simply so amazing,” one fan remarked, followed by a trio of heart emoji.

“You look super beautiful Lauren, and aria looks so cute,” a fourth follower added.

Lauren frequently flaunts her incredible physique for her eager fans, and uses her own fit body to advertise different challenges she runs. Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted a stunning snap in which she rocked a skimpy green crocheted bikini that left little to the imagination. She posed outside in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the geotag of the post indicated, in a pair of nude high heels. She paired the sizzling snap with a caption that reminded her followers of a 6 week fitness challenge she was starting shortly.

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Summer Lynn Hart Tugs At Her Bikini Top In Sultry Instagram Update

By Alisan Duran

Summer Lynn Hart recently posted a smoking-hot photo of herself on her Instagram page. The American model is famous for sharing provocative snaps on social media. In the new share uploaded on May 24, she sported an itty bitty bikini that showcased her amazing body.

Summer looked incredibly hot in a yellow two-piece swimsuit. The top boasted tiny triangle-cut cups that hardly contained her voluptuous chest. Her sideboob was exposed as the cups were unable to cover her breasts entirely. The swimwear also featured frilly straps, and the base of the cups had a ruffled design. The plunging neckline exposed a generous amount of cleavage.

She wore a jean jacket on her hips, which mostly covered her lower garment from view. From what was visible, she sported matching bikini bottoms. The waistband clung to her slim waist. It also featured high leg cuts that seemed to emphasize her hips and legs.

In the update, Summer stood on the side of a path with trees on each side. She showed off her fit physique in her bathing suit and did a sultry pose in front of the camera. She posed sideways with her right foot forward. She tugged at her bikini top with her right thumb, seemingly to tease her fans. She raised her chin and closed her eyes. She also placed her left hand to her head, grabbing a section of hair.

The model left her long, blond tresses down and styled in loose waves. She wore a gold pendant necklace as her only accessory. She appeared to wear a full face of makeup that included a full-coverage foundation, groomed eyebrows, well-blended eyeshadow, and black mascara. She seemed to have added a light dusting of blush and nude lipstick.

In the caption, Summer wrote something about the Clover App and urged her followers to download and try the mobile application.

As of this writing, the jaw-dropping picture gained more than 17,100 likes and 180-plus comments. Many of Summer’s social media admirers went to the comments section and dropped compliments about her killer figure. Some avid fans struggled with words. Instead, they chimed in with a trail of emoji.

“You are my favorite influencer on Instagram. If you have a YouTube account, I’ll watch your videos daily,” one of her fans commented.

“You get prettier every day!!! Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!” wrote another follower.

“What a sexy pose, and you look great in yellow. It matches your skin tone. To me, you are the most beautiful,” gushed a third admirer.

“You look so impeccably, BEAUTIFUL,” echoed a fourth Instagrammer.

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Tarsha Whitmore Rocks A Brown Crop Top & Miniskirt In Latest Instagram Update

By Ava Bennet

Australian bombshell Tarsha Whitmore tantalized her 842,000 Instagram followers with her latest post, a sizzling triple update in which she showcased her curves while lounging in a car. The snaps were taken in Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia, as the geotag indicated.

In the first shot, Tarsha lounged and leaned back against the black seats of the car, showing off her curves in the dark photo. She rocked a brown crop top crafted from a ribbed material that stretched across her chest in a bandeau-style top, showing off just a hint of cleavage. The top featured off-the-shoulder style sleeves that covered up her arms while leaving her shoulders exposed, and her toned stomach was also on display in the look.

Tarsha paired the crop top with a brown miniskirt that left little to the imagination. The hem came just a few inches down her thighs, and she served up a seductive expression while flaunting her curves. Tarsha’s long locks were parted in the middle and cascaded down her chest in a sleek style, with a few strands hanging out to frame her face. She accessorized with a gold chain necklace that she looped around so that it looked like a choker and regular necklace layered, with a pendant that drew attention to her chest.

Tarsha went full glam with her beauty look, and appeared to have black eyeliner, long lashes, and a brownish-pink lip gloss on her plump pout.

Tarsha switched up her pose for the second snap, closing her eyes and pursing her lips in a kiss. She leaned forward slightly as she flirted with the camera. The third and final slide in the update showed Tarsha with both of her hands near her face, seemingly in the process of brushing her silky tresses back. She kept her legs in the same position throughout, showing off her toned thighs and tantalizing her followers.

Her fans couldn’t get enough of the sizzling update, and the post racked up over 7,800 likes within just one hour. It also received 111 comments within the same time span.

“The prettiest face,” one fan said, followed by two heart emoji.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” another follower added.

“You look so good!” another fan exclaimed, following up the remark with a heart eyes emoji.

“Stunning babe,” a fourth follower commented simply.

Tarsha loves to showcase her curves in all kinds of skimpy ensembles from crop top and miniskirts to bikinis. Just yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted a snap in which she rocked a tiny pink-and-white bikini while standing in the ocean. The water lapped at her legs in the breathtaking snap, and her bronzed skin glowed in the sunshine as she flashed a smile.

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Instagram Model Krissy Cela Wears All Black For Upper Body Workout

By Isabel Leah Cohen

Instagram model Krissy Cela took to the popular social media site on Friday, May 22, to post her latest workout video for her 2.1 million followers. The workout targeted the upper body and Krissy demonstrated the exercises with the help of a friend.

For the workout, Krissy flaunted her toned figure in an all-black outfit that consisted of a halter-style sports bra and leggings. The top included a transparent bit of fabric across the upper chest and a cut-out on the opposite side. It left her sculpted arms exposed and teased a strip of toned tummy. The leggings rose high on her hips and hugged her curves through her backside and muscular legs. She completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and wore her dark tresses slicked back into a ponytail to keep her hair from falling in her face as she worked out. The fitness trainer also appeared to have added a touch of eye makeup and glossy lips.

Krissy’s friend also wore an all-black outfit, which consisted of a sleeveless tank top and leggings. She added a pair of white sneakers that matched Krissy’s.

Both Krissy and her friend carried out the workout in a gym setting, using a pair of silver dumbbells for resistance. The two women performed four different exercises as part of the upper body workout, each of which was separated into an individual video clip.

Before beginning the first exercise, Krissy and her friend were filmed flexing their biceps and giving each other a huge hug while flashing wide smiles for the camera. They then moved into lateral raises, lifting the dumbbells out to the side at the same time. The second exercise in the set was the DB shoulder press, a move that required them to push the dumbbells up and over their heads towards the ceiling.

In the third video, the exercise was the DB bent over row. The two women bent forward and lifted the dumbbells in towards their chests with their palms facing up. The final exercise in the circuit was the bicep curl. Standing back-to-back, Krissy and her friend demonstrated the move from the profile view.

In the caption of the post, Krissy told her fans that her friend serves as her daily dose of motivation and helps her stay accountable for her workouts. She added that the upper body workout could be found on the Tone & Sculpt app. Krissy developed the app to help women find a community of like-minded individuals all working to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Krissy’s latest workout video earned over 30,000 likes and several hundred comments within the first day.

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Instagram Model Sophie Mudd Flaunts Serious Cleavage In Tight Sundress

Brandon Bombay

 model Sophie Mudd shared a spicy photo that showcased her curves and gorgeous face for her latest update. She was photographed at home wearing a bucket hat and a tight-fitting dress that barely contained her assets.

The social media influencer has shared several shots in her house amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and continued the trend with her most recent post. She was photographed standing in front of a plant and next to a full-length mirror in the corner of a room. In the reflection her kitchen counters – which were littered with flowers and plants – were visible.

Mudd was shot from the midsection up and her body was turned slightly to the right as she faced the camera. She wore her long auburn-colored hair down and it was draped over her right shoulder. The model had her head tilted to the left and wore a beige fluffy bucket hat that covered her ears and went down to her eyebrows. Mudd appeared to wear a color of lipstick which complemented her reddish hair.

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A post shared by Sophia Rose (@sophiemudd) on

The 21-year-old had her voluptuous cleavage on display for the at-home pic. Mudd sported a tight cream-colored sundress that was adorned with tiny strawberries. The dress had thin straps that went over her slender shoulders, plus long ties that knotted in the middle of the top. She completed the look with a cross pendant necklace that hung near her collarbone. Mudd’s outfit offered fans a view of her ample assets, and a glimpse of her backside could be seen in the mirror’s reflection. The model added a single brown-heart emoji as her caption.

Many of the Los Angeles, California native’s 1.6 million Instagram followers noticed the snap. More than 94,000 of them found their way to the “like” button in just over 16 hours after it was posted. Mudd received over 800 comments from adoring fans, and her replies were swarmed with heart and strawberry emoji. Popular Instagram models Danielley Ayala and Kyra Santoro showed their appreciation with heart-eye emoji.

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chill thursday

A post shared by Sophia Rose (@sophiemudd) on

“The most beautiful girl,” one fan responded while adding three butterfly emoji.

“Love that top so cute,” a female Instagram user responded.

“Yummy strawberry,” a follower wrote along with a heart-eye emoji.

Not everybody was a fan of Mudd’s choice of head wear.

“Looks like u have a huge Yorkshire pudding on ya head,” one fan commented while adding two cry-laughing emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier this month Mudd shared another post taken from the same room in her house. She wore tight-fitting yoga gear for those snaps, and the collage received over 62,000 likes.

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level up @aloyoga

A post shared by Sophia Rose (@sophiemudd) on

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