Tammy Hembrow Is Done With ‘Ignorant’ People In Hilarious Instagram Post

By Elise Nelson

Tammy Hembrow
 took to Instagram on Friday to show fans just how fed up she is with the world’s “ignorant” people. In a hilarious photo on her feed, the model rocked a revealing, all-black workout set as she made an exasperated face for the camera. In the caption, Tammy wrote that she realized just how much ignorance exists in the world.

The photo showed Tammy standing in a white room as she leaned on some sort of white pedestal or box. The image had a grainy ’90s-style home video filter over it, with a timestamp in one corner and “REC” on the other side. Though the corner of the room was dark, a beam of light did appear to be shining down on Tammy. The light washed over Tammy’s back and highlighted her tan skin. She looked casual yet sexy in her tight-fitting ensemble.

Tammy’s look included a skintight black sports bra in a racerback style. Tammy’s arm covered her chest, so the neckline of the piece was not visible. However, fans could see that the fabric hugged her busty chest closely, while the longline band clung to her curvy figure.

Tammy’s flat, toned tummy and black outlined tattoo were exposed between the sports bra and a pair of yoga leggings. The leggings featured a high waistband that held in her abs and drew attention to her hourglass figure. Meanwhile, her legs looked as sculpted as ever in the tight bottoms.

Tammy finished off the ensemble with a black fabric headband. She appeared to be rocking a full face of makeup, including contoured cheekbones, bright highlighter, dark eyeshadow, thick lashes, and a nude lipstick. She wore her long, blond hair down in luscious curls.

Tammy leaned over the pedestal and bent one arm across the top. She rested her chin on her other hand. The fitness guru kept her back straight as she pointed her gaze at the camera. Tammy narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips, looking frustrated.

The post garnered more than 179,000 likes and nearly 700 comments in a few hours, proving to be a hit with Tammy’s fans. Many of the model’s followers praised her stunning beauty and agreed with her sentiment in the comments section.

“When you realize how pretty and gorgeous you are!” one fan said with a black heart.

“Beautiful, girlie!” another user added.

“This is a whole vibe,” a third follower wrote.

Tammy’s fans know that she can pull off any look. In a post last week, the model sported a tiny pink bikini as she posed for a mirror selfie, which her followers loved.


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