The truth about 90 Day Fiance’s Brittany Banks’ Instagram drama


Brittany Banks

There are lots of oddballs and problematic people on 90 Day Fiancé, but the latest cast member making headlines is Brittany Banks. Fans are wondering what’s going on, given that Brittany from 90 Days: The Other Way deleted her Instagram, per Screen Rant. Well, kind of. She used to have an account under the handle @itsbrittanybanks, but for some reason, decided to change it to @thebossbrittany, which is where you can find all her selfies, dancing videos, and memes. So don’t worry, there’s no need to freak out.  

In case you have trouble keeping all the 90 Day characters straight, Brittany was moving to Jordan to be with her fiancé Yazan. The 26-year-old rapper caught fans’ attention when she dismissed remarks about adapting to his Muslim culture and said she’s already lied to him about getting a divorce from her first husband, who was deported back to Haiti. 

Brittany also said cringeworthy things about her past — specifically that older men were attracted to her braces: “You would have to be 45 and older to even talk with me and my braces have worked in my favor. The older, settled gentlemen really like it.” Brittany added that the oldest man she dated was “probably about 83 or 84 or 85,” per Screen Rant. This led to many wondering if she’d been a “sugar baby,” which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but definitely might not be something she’d want to share with Yazan. Could that be why she did some Instagram housekeeping?

Brittany Banks is on another popular social media site

Brittany Banks

In the premiere of 90 Days: The Other Way, Brittany Banks was seen leaving the country to be with her fiancé Yazan in Jordan. On Instagram, she posted a clip and wrote of the premiere episode, “The other way premiering on TLC June 1st. Yes, I been very private recently cus it’s about to get real public. I’m a savage, classy, boujie, ratchet.. forgot the rest cus the tiger king version is stuck in my head but gon head and Enjoy.” So switching handles might be a way to get out of any old tagged posts she doesn’t want viewers to see, or just a way to rebrand herself as she embarks on her reality TV star journey. Get it girl. 

And Brittany is about that hustle, for sure. Some sleuthing reporters over at Starcasm deduced that she has two OnlyFans accounts under @ItsBrittanyBanks and @ItsTheBrittany. OnlyFans is a site where people buy and sell nudes and videos, which again, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but now that means she may be getting millions more “fans” and eyeballs now that her season of 90 Days is airing. However, Starcasm reported that her most recent activity on OnlyFans was back in January 2020, so it’s unclear if she plans to continue using that platform. She’s also got a YouTube channel called The Boss Brittany that she posted on as recently as May 2020.

Brittany Banks is QUITE the character

Brittany Banks

Brittany Banks has also been accused of buying followers (per Screen Rant), which might be another reason she switched Instagram handles. Apparently fans noticed that engagement on her posts was pretty low, but that she had some 30,000 followers. Brittany reportedly responded to the allegations on Instagram Story saying (via Starcasm), “I took all my photos down & changed my name/ I changed my brand! That’s why I have 327k followers and not a lot of likes or comments. If I post a booty picture I’ll have like 39,000 likes. But I don’t want to.”

All of that Instagram drama is a little confusing, but there’s one thing people definitely know so far about Brittany after the 90 Days: The Other Way Season 2 premiere in June 2020: She 100% is getting set up to be an interesting character — and maybe even a sort of 90 Day Fiancé villain.

In addition to details about her past dating life, the Palm Springs native shared that she actually wants to be a rapper (though she said she’s also into marketing, but marketing what she didn’t specify). In fact, she even has a video up online of the song that she sang in the premiere about Yazan. With all of this content she’s creating, fans will just have to keep an eye on her Insta.


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