This Dad Offers Practical Home Task Tutorials on YouTube

If you don’t have a dad to ask for help, this guy is here for you


Those who have a parent they can always rely on for home task help are pretty fortunate. Those who don’t have to sift through the bottomless pit of information on the internet. Well, one dad aims to change that with his YouTube channel dedicated to helping young adults with everything from fixing a running toilet to checking your car’s oil—a.k.a. some of the most common things we’d call up a parent to ask.

Rob Kennedy is the dad behind the YouTube channel “Dad, How Do I?” which has almost 2 million subscribers. The channel was inspired by his two children, who constantly call him to ask questions like “How do I iron a dress shirt?” and “How do I use a stud finder?” Growing up without a dad himself, Kennedy wanted to create an outlet for young people everywhere to turn to.

In his videos so far, Kennedy has covered bathroom issues relating to unclogging drains and fixing toilets as well as home tips like how to put up a shelf, an array of car problems, and conundrums related to personal hygiene and clothing. He makes sure you get the full dad experience through the videos, too, with dad jokes sprinkled throughout and words of encouragement at the end like “You’ve got this!”

The comments show that viewers absolutely adore Kennedy, and have collectively deemed him the internet’s dad. His latest two videos thank everyone for their overwhelming kindness. This is the kind of content we need!


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