Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Celebrities In 2020

Loretta Racette

If you want to know about these people who have got the most followers then follow this article of the top 10 most followed Instagram celebrities in 2020.

10. Justin Bieber – followers: 139 Million

The popularity of the pop singer from Canada, Justin drew Bieber, began after a video with a composition of his own composition called “One time” was published on YouTube. A soothing voice supported the young singer to grow and win the leading award-Grammy. Bieber supporters today can appreciate not only the musical works in his performance, but also fragrance, which is presented under the name of the stars of show business. 

Since getting married to Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber’s followers have been explained to numerous photos of the couple and his followers have developed by almost 30 million in a little over a year. The Canadian singer first became popular at the age of 13 when he was spotted on YouTube. He has published four albums.

9. Neymar Jr. – followers: 139 Million

Soccer star Neymar is one of the most famous soccer players in the country of Brazil as well as in Europe. The 26-year-old Brazilian professional soccer player made his first appearance in a professional match at the age of 17 and now plays as a forward on the Brazilian national team. How he gets followers: unlike Messi, a Brazilian updates his page regularly, in fact, many times a day. Besides, we do not ignore the fact that the population of Brazil is approximately five times greater than Argentina.

8. Beyoncé – followers: 148 million 

Notwithstanding his loneliness and introverted nature as a child, Beyonce becomes a legendary persona in the charm of show business at the beginning of the 21st century. She has sold tens of millions of her music albums and has been given a Grammy award many times. According to music critics, beyoncé is one of those personalities who powerfully changed the musical technique and made a meaningful contribution to the field of pop music. 

Nearly 150 million people follow Beyoncé on Instagram, making her one of the most successful musical artists on the social platform. However, the singer follows no, not even her husband Jay-Z.

7. Leo Messi – followers: 155 million

Lionel Messi is another expert soccer player with a tremendous Instagram fan following. He is regarded as one of the most skilled players in the world, which may give a better explanation of how he has gained 45 million Instagram fans over the last year. He belongs from Argentina, Messi currently plays professionally as a striker and captain of the Spanish club Barcelona as well, since 2011 he is a captain of the national team of Argentina and the top scorer in the history of Barcelona and Argentina.

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6. Kim Kardashian – followers: 175 million 

The number of followers of the account of the American actress and model Kimberly Noel Kardashian has already touched 1 million milestones. The appearance of the star in the famous reality show “keeping up with the Kardashians” and “dancing with the stars” creates her image and grows the publicity of her.

5. Kylie Jenner – followers: 181 million

Kylie Jenner reportedly earns $1 million per sponsored Instagram postAfter escaping from social media in 2017 while she was pregnant with her first child, Jenner came back in full force in 2018 and recently surpassed her older sister Kim in popularity to become the family’s most-followed person on Instagram.

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4. Selena Gomez – followers: 180 million

At the age of 24, Selena Gomez became a singer, actress, composer and author of musical works, also, she was granted the title of “goodwill Ambassador” of UNICEF. 2002 was very occupied for Selena Gomez because it was at this time that her career started. She brought on everything. She played a role in many films, recorded albums, and performed in many concerts. The crazy working pattern harmed the health of the growing star, in 2014 she was discovered to have lupus. The battle against such a terrifying disease has increased the fame of the young artist. All photos of Selena Gomez, published on her Instagram account tell followers how to look graceful even in the most challenging circumstances. That is why her Instagram is the most famous. Although in 2018 Cristiano Ronaldo dethroned her as the most-followed celebrity, singer Selena Gomez still has one of the most famous Instagram accounts. Despite the fact, Gomez has taken breaks from social media to concentrate on her mental health and has talked out about the dangers of social media use, particularly for kids.

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3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – followers: 168 million

More than 300 movies are on account of the American wrestler, a well-known Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson. His name can be seen twice in the world record book, the first time Dwayne was recorded for the mind-blowing amount he got for his debut film’s main role which was $5.5 million, and the second times for the unbelievable number of pictures taken in just 3 minutes which is 105 selfies. Unlike other celebs, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson often interacts directly with his fans via his Instagram account. This has undoubtedly helped the former pro-wrestler-turned-movie star following on the social network.

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2. Ariana Grande –  followers 190 million 

Pop star Ariana Grande rose in 2019 to grow as the second-most-popular celebrity on Instagram. At such a young age the American actress and singer, Ariana Grande, with an incredible tone of voice captured the heart of teenage fans. The profession of the girl with a beautiful “doll” image started from childhood, now Ariana “is torn” between recording albums, filming movies and TV series, also, she still works in the theater.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – followers: 224 million

Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most popular personality on Instagram, and it is not difficult to know why. He is regarded as the world’s most successful and well-known athlete, and he distributes his Instagram posts between playing soccer with scenes of his adorable family and personal life on his Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo, playing for the Italian football club “Juventus”, three times became the owner of the “Golden ball” as the best European player, and four times was granted the Golden boot.


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