Tyga brutally roasted after shooting his shot at Zendaya

Tyga has shoot his shot at Zendaya and fans are not here for it.

Rapper Tyga has been savagely trolled after publicly shooting his shot with actress Zendaya on Instagram.

Tyga has been putting in work during quarantine, releasing a video to his single ‘Vacation’ today. The rapper took to Instagram to promote the audiovisuals, while shooting his shot at actress Zendaya.

On Friday (Jun 19) the “Taste” rapper took to instagram to share a promotional video for his new ‘Vacation’ music video.

While Tyga is bringing summer party vibes in the clip, as he is filmed at a beach with a fancy beverage in his hand.

The 30-year-old rapper engaged with his fans and asked them to tag someone they want to go on a vacation with.

In his initial post, Tyga wrote “Tag someone you wanna take on vacation! @Zendaya ?” with the eyes emoji.

After TheShadeRoom caught wind of Tyga shooting his shot with Euphoria actress and Disney star Zendaya, they reposted Tyga’s post on their account.

Tyga got roasted in the comment section with many fans claiming Zendaya wouldn’t want him. One fan wrote “She would N E V E R !”, while another wrote “No. Leave her alone.”.

An Instagram user advised Zendaya to run away, while another wrote “Zendaya, sweetie BLOCK HIM ??”.

Tyga swiftly changed his caption to “Tag someone you wanna take on vacation!
Video out now!?☀️?☀️?☀️?☀️?” after getting roasted.

A fan wrote “I’m sorry I don’t think anyone wants Kylie’s sloppy seconds ???‍♀️” making reference to his relationship with Kylie Jenner.

The pair dated for a year from 2014 to 2015. Rumours emerged claiming Tyga cheated on Kylie with model Annalu Cardoso after meeting her on the set of one of his video shoots.

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