What Is Complete Your Face Filter On Instagram? How To Use It?

Written By Vageesha Taluja

what is the complete your face filter on instagram

During the COVID-19 crisis, people across the world have been spending time indoors and practicing social distancing. They have limited their physical interaction. However, to reduce boredom many creative people have created different challenges and dare games on social media. They chat and video call with friends and distant relatives, play games, and share their lifestyle to keep themselves from feeling shut-in.

Amid this, various social media platforms are upping their game by updating their online applications. Similarly, Instagram has been helping its users with unique and interesting games to add fun. Recently, the photo-sharing platform came up with the latest Complete Your Face filter. So, we have mentioned everything you need to know about Complete Your Face filter on Instagram.

What is Complete Your Face filter on Instagram?

Various social media platforms have been creating new and engaging features to connect with their users. Among different Instagram filters, Complete Your Face filter has gained immense popularity. It allows users to make their Instagram filters. So, one user decided to make a fun game out of it and called it Complete Your Face filter.

Unlike other Instagram filters, Complete Your Face filter has two modes including Basic and V2. These are a part of the same game with varying degrees of difficulty. So, the purpose of Complete Your Face filter is to make people try completing their faces.

When users turn on the filter and hit record, their eyes, nose, and mouth start floating on the screen and they are left with a blurry and empty face. For Complete Your Face filter, the goal is to blink eyes and lock each moving part into the face’s correct location and complete it. However, if someone blinks quite early, their eye may place on either side of the face instead of the centre. On the other hand, if people are too late in blinking, their lips may stay near the chin or sideways.

Talking about the V2 mode of Complete Your Face filter, its strategy is similar to the basic level. But one’s eyes and nose may move around faster. This means the player has little time to blink and mark the right spots.

How to use Complete Your Face filter?

For those who want to try this game, they need to open the Instagram app and select stories before activating Instagram filters. At the end of the list, people may find Browse Effects, which showcases a magnifying glass icon. In this, they have to search for Complete Your Face filter. After this, two camera effects will appear. The first one is the basic version, while the second one is V2.


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