Who Is Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend Dalton Gomez? Everything You Need To Know

Ariana Grande has been dating Dalton Gomez since early 2020, who is her new boyfriend and how did they meet?

Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend Dalton Gomez made a rare appearance on her Instagram when she posted a video with Lady Gaga of a spoof weather report to promote their new song ‘Rain on Me’, and Ari even shared a snap of her beau helping provide the rain effects, adding a heart-eyes emoji as he held the shower head over her umbrella.

Inside Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande’s Friendship: From When They Met To Collaborating On First Song ‘Rain On Me’

The ‘Thank U, Next’ singer has been understandably keeping her new relationship out of the limelight but fans are eager to know more about Dalton.

Who is Ariana’s new boyfriend Dalton Gomez, and how long have they been together? Let’s find out…

Who is Dalton Gomez and how old is he?

Ariana’s new boyfriend Dalton is a property tycoon who works for a luxury real estate firm in LA, Aaron Kirman Group.

Dalton has his own profile on the business’ website, where it’s revealed he was born and raised in Southern California and has worked in the luxury real estate market for five years.

The businessmen is thought to be 25 or 26 years old.

How did Ariana meet her new boyfriend Dalton Gomez?

Ari and Dalton have apparently been dating since the start of 2020.

According to E! News they “run in the same circle” and because he “used to be a dancer” they have many mutual friends.

They add that the couple got to know each other better due to the lockdown in California: “She’s gotten to know him quickly with the quarantine. They’ve been spending a lot of one on one time at home.” 

Remember when she was pictured kissing a mystery man in a bar? That was apparently him!

The couple have managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, but eagle-eyed fans have captured the few times they’ve appeared on one another’s Instagram profiles.

After months of speculation around Ari’s relationship status, she confirmed their romance when she posted a clip of them dancing together for the ‘Stuck Wit U’ music video.

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