Yanet García so beautiful that Ana Bárbara had to go flatter her on Instagram

Yanet García so beautiful that Ana Bárbara had to go flatter her on Instagram | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful former driver has been very active on social networks lately, especially from her official Instagram account, where she already has more than 13 million followers.

And, since the beginning of the sanitary confinement due to the pandemic, from this application, Yanet has dedicated himself to sharing exercise routines from home, surprising his followers by his great creativity to carry out this activity without the need to attend the Gym.

Likewise, thanks to her popular videos of the routines, the Fitness instructor appeared on Mexican television, where she also recommended a nutritional plan and workouts with totally homemade elements.

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However, García decided to take a well-deserved break from her content on healthy living to share some images of her most recent vacation in the city of Los Angeles, publishing snapshots where she appears in the company of her partner, as well as others where she goes out enjoying herself. landscape.

It was in one of these photographs that Yanet wrote as a description: “Remember… YOU have your own boat, and you have your sails and your rudder to direct your life wherever you want. YOU were born with unique qualities. You came here on a mission. Your soul remembers, but your mind interferes. Calm your mind and listen to the whisper of your soul. She will guide you ✨ ”.

The photo already has almost 350 thousand likes and a large number of comments praising the beauty of the young woman, as well as also mentioning that the landscape is very beautiful and others, although the real astonishment came when users noticed a peculiar comment .

It is the same Ana Bárbara, famous interpreter of gruper music in Mexico, commented Yanet’s photo in a simple way, but it certainly caused quite a stir, « Bella » was the comment that the singer emitted, something that produced the total sensation of those who saw it.

The comment came to have a lot of likes and many other responses from other Yanet followers, where you can see other comments that are dedicated to greeting Ana Bárbara, wishing her good morning and thanking her for commenting on Yanet’s publication.

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