YouTube mobile app can now tell you when it’s time for bed

Brittany A. Roston 

If you’ve ever fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole, you’ve likely experienced the rapid passing of time as you jump from video to video, failing to notice how late it is getting. The company previously introduced a ‘take a break’ reminder to help deal with binge-watching and now it is back with a similar tool, one made to help with bedtime.

With YouTube’s new bedtime reminder feature, users can input their bedtime, which will cause the app to prompt them when it’s time to shut things down. The user chooses the start time and end time for the reminder within the app’s Settings menu; the notification comes with two options, one that shows the prompt during a video and one that waits until the current video is finished.

As with an alarm, the user has the option of either snoozing the reminder, which means it’ll reappear in a few minutes, or dismissing it entirely. The feature is rolling out on iPhone and Android starting today, though it doesn’t seem to have reached everyone yet.

To use the feature, sign in to the YouTube app with your Google account, then tap the account icon. From there, select the Settings menu, then tap Remind me when it’s time for bed to turn it on or off. When turned on, you’ll be able to select the start and stop times for the reminder. Users can also find the feature under the “Time Watched” menu.

This is the app’s latest digital wellbeing feature, joining break reminders, the schedule notification digest option, the Time Watched profile that shows weekly activity, and the ability to disable notification sounds and vibrations during specifically set time periods.


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